Become immune to all evil people

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People are often mean to us, often because they
are not happy with their lives and they are not
happy at all.
They live in their own claws of their mind and
do not want to change themselfs or do not
have the courage to change something in
their lives.
And they are evil mainly because to others
because they basically don’t like themselves.
What can you do? It is best, of course, to be
able to move away from such people as soon
as possible and live your life in peace and love.
You always have that option, but it is your
choice whether you will do it, to live happily
ever after or whether you will continue to live
with them and suffer. It really depends on the
case, only if you can do everything to get rid of
this evil and even if it takes more time, and you
will do everything to breathe and live as happy
as you deserve and want.

That you are wasting time, for those who do not
want to cjange and will never change, is a time
that brings you no joy and laughter and you feel
it every day.
Is it really worth insisting then?
Why? If you know and see that there is no
progress, that they want to be on the same
rails and that they do not want to get out of
Respect yourself strongly, love yourself, so
strongly that only your bright energy will
repel them far away.
Make room for your love, for people with heart
and soul, for your own good and for the good of
your loved ones.
Become immune to all evil people with evil tongues.
I know that, when you are away from such too, then miracles begin to happen around you.

It’s up to you to take that step and then just let go.
Don't worry about them anymore. You just take
care of yourself and your loved ones and that’s
all you have to do.

Image: photography from my LG Q7

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