Eight years ago on this day we first hugged and have first kissed

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Eight years ago on this day, I met the love of
my life. It was written on November 9, 2012,
for a very long time we only wrote to each other
via the Internet, Facebook, since June 9, 2012.
Then, on November 8, 2012, he just wrote what
if we saw each other. We agreed and got together
and we both fell in love, we immediately liked each other visually as well as spiritually.
Back then, nothing was more important
than just love. Everything I searched for for
many years I found here. And all I had in mind
at the time was - I found you.

These photos are from our place where we
first hugged and kissed.






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Precioso y magico lugar.
Me gusto mucho.

Felicidades y que viva el amor.




Thank you 🍀