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Cordial greetings steemit team,

It is always an honor giving my report as a country representative for my country Cameroon in this community . In this report, I will be presenting to you my activities from January 30/01/23 To February 05//01/23

During the last 7-days, specifically from January 30th To February 5th 2022, I have had the opportunity to perform the following activities to the best of my ability

  • Published 04 articles across different communities

  • Carrying out MOD activities in steemkidss, Steem4Bloggers and crypto academy community

  • Published the last report of TEAM-4 Curation team

  • Published curational guidelines for TEAM-4 Curation team for the month of February

  • Carried out curational activity with steemcurator07 account

Account Activities
Screenshot taken from SteemworldScreenshot taken from Steemworld

During last week, i use my effective steem power of 19,306.64 SP to vote and support on steemians across different communities most especially Steemians from my country . I was also involved in alot of activities in this platform as I published a total of 8 articles of which 2 were engagement challenge

Total SP earned19,764.36 SP
Effective SP19,306.64 SP
Number of Posts04

Published curational guidelines for TEAM-4 Curation team for the month of February

Like I said last week, I was still selected for the month of February curator. So as a team leader, I was able to publish the rules and guidelines for TEAM-4 Curation as can been seen here TEAM-4 CURATION GUIDELINES FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY. So I urge on everyone to follow the rules and guidelines inorder to be eligible for receiving support from us

Carrying out MOD activities in steemkidss community and Crypto academy

In Steemkidss Community, I carried out review of articles for my respective days and on carrying out the reviews, I came across a total of 16 articles which were all 100% unique. I didn't have the chance to select articles for booming because of my above predicament which I mentioned. My report can been seen here :My Weekly Report/Activities As a Moderator In #Steemkids Community | 30/01/2023 January To 05/02/2023 February

In Crypto Academy Community, I also did carry out MOD duties as I was able to check and review articles on my respective days

In Steem4Bloggers Community, I was able to review and grade alot of articles on my review days and it was the already the 4th week of engagement challenge which boosted a great number of articles published in the community

Published the report of TEAM-4 Curation team

As a Team leader leading Team4 team, I was able to publish the last report for my TEAM during the week. It was a beautiful week of curation as we ended January curation with a total of 122 posts, 21 comments making it a total of 143 posts. This report can be read in this report : CURATION REPORT, TEAM-4 WEEK-05

My Activities With The Steemcurator07 Account

It was my first day of curation for the month of February and on my curation day, I tried as much as possible to tore round different communities, tags and blogs of individuals so as to give maximum support to good quality posts. While navigating, I came across several articles of which I finally supported 26 of them and skipped some. My reason for skipping some of this article was mainly because the users concern didn't belongs to any club status. So I urge everyone to always try as much as possible to power up equal amount to their transfer out so that they could belong to any of the clubs. I also supported a good number of comments so as to encourage good quality comments

My Plans For Next Week
  • I will continue to create and publish articles during this week

  • I will continue to work and carryout out curational activity with steemcurator07 account

  • I will continue to be commenting, voting and supporting Steemians most especially my fellow Country Steemitians

Above are my activities which I successfully carried out last week from January 30/01/23 To February 05/02/23. Thanks to Steemit team for the great support and trust they have been giving me, I will keep striving towards perfection and carry out my duties as Country representative with utmost respect

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