Weekly Report As Greeter and CR Indonesia, January 29 to February 04, 2023

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Greetings Steemit Team...

I will present a weekly report on my activities as as an Indonesian Country representative and as a Greeter to the Newcomer Community from January 29 to February 04, 2023

I work as a teacher at a business and management vocational high school, this week I have to be active as usual for support steemian Indonesia and curate posts in the Steem For Better Life Community, Indonesian steem Community and Hot News community every day

Greeter Team

I am joined the Newcomers Community as Moderator (Greeter) since my appointment as Country Representative (14 Mei , 2021). Currently I am not on duty as a curator since the steemit team published announcement a new initiative about the newcomers team community curator

As a Greeter, I am responsible for guiding newcomers joining the Newcomer Achievement Program and verifying achievement tasks

Last week I verified 2 achievement task posts and provided guidance to complete achievement tasks in the Newcomer Community

Country Representative Indonesia

As Country Representative of Indonesia I encourage steemian Indonesia to stay active in steemit for steem growth and invite newcomers to join the steemit platform

As usual I will always make time for anyone who needs my guidance as CR Indonesia for future steem growth.

Community Administrator

Steem For Better Life Community as Initiator as well as Admin and curator of the official Steem For Better Life community account to support community members.

Hot News Community I have a role as moderator as well as founder, We are planning to recruit new moderators to moderate posts in the community

Steem Indonesia Community As a Country Representative of Indonesia, I support the country's community and have a role as a moderator, I also support most of the verified Indonesian steemians in the Indonesian Steem community. I have updated steem power delegation on community account to 400 SP

Community Curator

In February 2023 I had the opportunity to operate @ steemcurator09 with the Newcomer Team to curate posts for newcomers who have joined steemit from 0 to 3 months. This first week I have completed my duties as a curator according to the schedule set by the team leader.

My Curation Report with SC09 February 04, 2023

This week I have curating 21 newcomer posts from 7 countries and 10 communities with different club statuses, club100 one user, club75 one user, club5050 thirteen users and NC six users

My Account Activity

In the period January 29 to February 04, 2023 I have Power up 49.052 STEEM, I currently join #club100 with a total transfer to vesting 548.014 STEEM and Normal Transfer 7 Steem to @wox-helpfund for donations with memos I didn't choose lottery numbers, this is purely a charitable donation, for the last 3 months. Total Steem Power in my account is 23,618.86 STEEM.

Steem PowerIncomingOutgoingEffective Power
23,618.86 SP5,279.13 SP5,412.12 SP23,488.79 SP

I support active users by upvoting some quality posts and plagiarism-free posts on the Steem For Better Life, Hot News and Steem Indonesia communities.
Voting CSI 19.2 ( 0.00 % self, 207 upvotes, 117 accounts, last 7d )

I also delegate SP to 3 communities namely Steem For Better Life, Hot News and Steem Indonesia to support community members


Last week I released 1 weekly report post, and 2 other posts

World Smile Project

The world smile project through the account @ worldsmile has donated 100 steem for the medical expenses of Aurora Neliel Majias Urbina, daughter from @ abiga554

The world smile project is working on two projects in two countries, namely South Africa and Nigeria, currently both projects are raising funds, every project progress will be posted via the accounts @smilesouthafrica and @smilenigeria for budget transparency

That is my report of activities as Greeter and Country Representative in the last weeks, Thank you to steemitblog, steemcurator01 and steemcurator02 who have trusted me to do this assignment
See you next week.......

Warm Regards

Country Representative Indonesia
My Introduction

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Dear @heriadi I'm also a teacher and i just joined steemit platform before some days and did Achievement 1 but still not verified please verify it so i can work here.


Why didn't the person who introduced steemit to you write a comment on your introductory post?

Sir i have the same problem. I have made a written mistake on my post🥺. Sir i am a student i work hard. Why only a written mistake can suspect my account 😢. Plz accept my account you say that it @moeen but actually i have written mistake its my cousin @moeenali. He is on this platform from 5 years. You are the admin. We are respectfully say that plz take a look of my account 😢 after that decid what you want