Weekly Report as Country Representative of the Philippines [January 23, 2023 until February 03, 2022]

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I want to begin this report by thanking the Steemit Team for choosing me as one of the curators this February. It's an honor to be part of the curatorial team, rest assured I will do my best and be responsible for being one of the curators in the Newcomers Community.

I was having a fever with a cough and cold this week, the reason I am less active in Steemit. I am now recovering after having my medication. I will try to be active this week and do what is needed to be done especially for the communities I am working with.

Now let's talk about my report as one of the Country Representatives from the Philippines.

Steemit Philippines Community Update


On behalf of our team, we are still grateful to Steemit that our community is one of the selected communities that receive Tier 3 Booming Support. Maybe we need to do some changes and improvements to our community to earn more support in the future. As of now, we will continue with our weekly contest to be initiated by the Moderators and to distribute the support that we receive to those deserving active posters in our community.

My post this week


Let's Have Coffee at my Favorite Cafe Shop

This week I created a post as my honorary entry to the contest initiated by @waterjoe in Channel "F" Community. There I narrated about my favorite coffee shop in Japan and the reasons why I love to have a coffee or shall we say why I called myself a coffee addict. You may read the full story on the link above.

My Steem Power Status

Screenshot 2023-02-04 20.47.10.png

  • Today I powered up 150 steem. I will try to power up my steem earnings and maintain my club 100 status as much as I could.
  • I voted for posts in our community prioritizing those steemexlusive posts.
  • I now have a total of 21,263.147 STEEM.


Despite my health condition and being busy with my personal life, I will keep responsible with my duties and responsibilities here at Steemit. I will keep on moving forward rather than being affected by whatever inevitable negativities happening around me.

Country Representative from the Philippines,

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Dear @juichi I'm a school teacher and i just joined steemit platform for learning and for working on it.I did Achievement before five days but my Achievement yet not verified please it's my humble request to verify it so i can work on it.


Hello @atiqueibneali,
Please try to communicate with @yousafharoonkhan, he is one of the curators for Newomers this month and he is from your country. I need confirmation from him if it is okay to verify your account.

Thank you for understanding,

Dear @yousafharoonkhan please check my Achievement and validit it and I'm a school teacher and just joined this platform and i want to work here please verify my achievement i will be very thankful to you.