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Hello Everyone. I am @msharif
From #Bangladesh

Weekly Report as Country Representative of Bangladesh

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How are you all? As a country representative of Bangladesh, I am submitting my last week's activities in report form through this post. I think this is a great opportunity for me. I have tried to properly fulfill all the responsibilities assigned to me as a country representative.

My Power Up Activities

I always try to increase my steem power. So i do 21.921 STEEM power up in last week and i do almost every one of my posts set 100% power up so all rewards add up to my steem power.

I think increasing steem power means increasing one's ability. And I am currently associated with the #club100.
I turn all my income into power. So currently I have so much 36,885.87 steem. Now my total Effective Power 38,538.26 SP

Support and Guidelines for Bangladeshi users

As an admin and curator of the Steem For Bangladesh community, I have created a Weekly Report as Steem For Bangladesh Curator - Period January 28 to February 03, 2023 of the amount of support given to all users from the community account @steem4bangladesh in the last week.

I think by this users will increase the activity in the community and they will know everything that happened in the community in a week.

Free 200 steem Delegation Project is Open for all countries' new member [Month of February]

I have already delegated two users @shathi and @ismotara 400 STEEM.

We have created a post that created a list of all the support users I have provided in a week on behalf of the Steem for Bangladesh community in booming.

My Steem Growth Activites

I have made a post where I have details about all the Bangladeshi users' power up for the entire month.

I have announced the winners of The three best and three worst moments of your life. contest.

I write a post where I wrote some guidelines on booming support for all Steem for Bangladesh community users.

As a member of curation team 2. I translate the main guideline post for all Bangladeshi users for their understanding of the details of the guidelines.

My Job as a curator of steemcurator06 and steemcurator05

On Tuesday, I curated more than 22 posts and some comments who are from different countries and different communities and outside the community by using steemcurator06 account.

And On Sunday, I curated more than 20 posts and some comments who are from different countries and different communities and outside the community by using steemcurator05 account. I have tried to maintain harmony and support everyone properly.

msharif Curation

As a Bangladeshi country representative, it is my responsibility to provide support to the users of Bangladesh, which I always try to do. I try to support the users of this platform with all my steem power. In my last week, I gave 107 upvotes to 77 accounts and my Voting CSI is 15.3. I will try to maintain my consistency so that I can support everyone.

Summary of my steemexclusive activity:
No.Post NameNumber of Post
01The Diary Game01
02Weekly Curation Report01
03Steem Growth04
04Contest Result01
05Steem engagement challenge03

Best Regards,
Country Representative, Bangladesh.

Thank you for reading my report post. Stay safe, stay happy


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Thanks bro for giving me 200 Steem. Hope you will always be by our side like this.

Thank you very much, I believe this little help of mine will help you to move forward on this platform.