Jungle (2017) : "The jungle shows us who we really are"

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From all the adventure and survival movies Jungle (2017) have a special place not because it’s based on a true story nor the realistic screen play. That's because it portrays the real Nature of the jungle as of the saying

" The jungle shows us what we really are"

If I try to shrink the whole plot of the story the above phrase tells it all. The real beast inside a human being can be resurfaced only when the survival instinct kicks in and that’s the law of nature which is the borderline of the story.

"Nature has only one law – survival"

The nature created us all and the responsibility of survival is on our own hands and considering the jungle which is the most unique and creative of all the creation of mother nature it is obvious.

To survive in the jungle one should kill another and another should survive without being killed. Ultimately they both are in a war to stay alive who wins depends on the skills and weaknesses of their own.

In the movie Yossi the protagonist of the story was attacked by a tiger where it tries to stay alive in the jungle and Yossi should be smart enough to evade not to being the dinner of the animal. In another sequence Yossi should hunt a python for a meal in order to stay alive. Where the python doesn’t know to survive it should die for certain.

In the jungle Yossi one had to fight with other people, a tiger, a python, sometimes with pouring rain and gushing water of the river. But the most importantly he was in a battle with himself, his mind and consciousness to survive or give-up.

From leaving behind a traditional lifestyle and being himself in the world was a major hardship for Yossi. Secondly the degrading mind while lost in the jungle forcing him to surrender his life to the jungle Yossi understands the battle with the physical world isn’t greater than the battle within himself.

The one who can fight the hardest and the smartest will survive in the nature and others will perish from the hands of them. People like Yossi will survive in the society and others like Marks will be knocked down. This the law of nature and what the movie is all about.

here are some shocking pictures of real incident and Yossi himself

Yossi Ghinsberg with Daniel Radcliffe


This movie is one of the best movies portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe which you can watch to get off from the shadow of Harry Potter. The movie reels for 1 hour 55 minutes and I guarantee you won’t feel it.
The movie is rated by

  • IMDb – 6.7/10
  • Rotten tomatoes – 60%
  • Metacritic - 48%
  • Google users – 87%
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Good one, worth the time. 3.5/5 for me