Wallpaper collection | Wallpaper No. 8 | STEEM PROMOTION 🌟

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Source: Rob de Roy (myself)

Hello friends of bright colors,

Today I present you my 8th wallpaper in the series "STEEM-Promo".
As a starting point, I took a photo of the keyboard from my notebook.
Then I made new layers with some other pictures I had rendered and arranged the wallpaper.

I'm putting it under the public domain license. You can do what ever you want with this wallpaper.

Here you can download the wallpaper in full resolution:

The File size is 16,7 MB. Max Resolution is: 5473 * 3080 pixel at 72 DPI.

© by myself

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ohja, auch seeehr fein :))


Se ve muy bien el fondo de pantalla es muy original y muchas gracias por compartirlo con todos.

Saludos y existo para ti.

Gracias :-).

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