White Mushroom in dark cracks of dry wood

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White Mushroom in dark cracks of dry wood

Today I will show you all, White Mushrooms in the dark cracks of dry wood, which I found in the Aceh forest, this kind of white fungus, is very difficult for us to find, because due to the growth of this fungus, it is always in the cracks of dry wood. inch from the ground.

with the humidity of the weather in this area, you can feel the atmosphere in the picture, in the photo appearance, which I have prepared below, of course.

what kind of mushrooms I mean, let us see below :






that is the mushroom that I can show you all, I hope you will be happy to see it.

don forget #promosteem and #tron in your country

Hilsen @sultan-aceh


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Macro PhotographyMushroom
Location PhotoAceh Forest
Camera usedHandphone


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Awesome post; its true this mushroom grow on a cracks of dry wood. inch from the ground,, in my home country ( in some part) people use it to prepare soup!!

So beautiful. Looking like white fairy.

I look back at the beautiful mushrooms on your blog.
you are extraordinary, to find various types of mushrooms that other people have never found.

They are awesome and appear transparent.

a white mushroom and maybe it was just growing, but it was very beautiful

Hello @sultan-aceh, a true work of nature seems something alien to this plane.

Jamur yang sangat indah, dan warna yang sangat bagus putih yang berwarna terang, photography yang bagus dan mantap bang

How are you dear friend @ sultan-aceh good afternoon
What a beautiful find, you always surprise us with your presentations. Excellent shots and information.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

Hi @sultan-aceh, it looks like ghosts.

Indah sekali bang jamurnya, gambarnya pun sangat bening dan putih alami, mantap bang 👍👍👍 minal aidzin wal Faidzin mohon maaf lahir batin bang @sultan-aceh

It looks amazing! I'm into mushrooms, I like walks through the woods and picking those edible of course :) To be honest, I never came across the one show white like this one before. Are you familiar with the name of this mushroom?

Que bellas fotografías