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How many women and men are on steemit?

It is very difficult to check how many men and women are on steemit because we don't give the data about our gender to the portal. Some users clearly specifies who they are, another uses gender neutral nicknames.

I believe the number of women and men on steemit, in general is almost equal, although some communities are not balanced.

Obviously, if the communities are dedicated to some social group or hobby which attracts one of the genders more than another, the gap is somehow understandable:

  • "steem women's club" will be with overwhelming majority of female users.
  • Similarly is with the art-related communities, where there is a bit more women, although the difference is not as big as in mentioned "steem women's club"
  • once there was a community like "men's club", but the admins were frauds and quickly stopped the project. Anyway, when it was working, it was obviously with men as the majority of users.
  • similarly is with all the sport related groups which attracts slightly more men.

While art or sport are not dedicated to one gender (Personally, I'm a man and I do prefer art over sport), it seems to be with a small gender disproportion. To ask the question why, I guess we would have to make a long, profesional studies, which could be really interesting.

As we don't have founds, time and thousands of respondents to test, I can only assume that sports attracts more often men, because it helps to release additional adrenaline, and need to compete is often related to testosterone levels which men have higher than women. It is also culturally expected men to be more interested in sport.

Artistic expression requires some creativity, esthetic sence and abstract thinking. That gifts often, although not always, are easier to find between women. It is also culturally expected women to be more interested in art and in some social circles men who would be interested in art may expect stigma as "not manly enough".

If we will skip all the thematic groups and focus on the national communities, we will see that different places around the world have different dynamics: In Argentina or Venezuela may be slightly more women than men who use steemit, while in Germany, most of African and Middle Eastern communities there is much more male Steemians.

First of all, it may be related to the global myth that informatics, market, crypto is the "man thing". If we will check the stats which says who is studying the informatics around the world, majority of students will be men. We don't have also much of the women who are trading on the market stock. Stereotype is still strong around the world, but in some places, mostly more patriarchal, it's more common than in another.

Why is like that? Definitely not because men are better in that stuff - they aren't. It's more related to some stereotype and social expectations which we all should fight with, even though that fight might take years and be very difficult.

Secondly, in some countries women may like to try earn crypto, but they can't. They don't have a time, because it's expected from them that they will be raising kids, cleaning the houses, cooking, taking care of the household and all of that is time consuming, doesn't allow them for any other activity. Let's be honest, writing on steemit requires plenty of time.

In another most strict cultures it may be even inappropriate in the men's eyes when women earn more money than them. More of that, in some places around the world, like Saudi Arabia (Saudis are not so present on steemit, but it's just the example), women need the special permission to work or to study, while education is also crucial to be confident and make a good quality content, increasing the chance to become successful on the platform.

In general if you would ask me if there may be more women on steemit in the future, I'd answer "yes". Why they are not here yet? Because of hurting cultural expectations which says it's not for them and which forces them to use their time in another way.


What could we do to change it? We won't change all the world, but we can change, in some limited way, us and the world in around of us:

  • let's try to spread the news about steemit, mentioning it's an inclusive place where everyone is welcomed, as long as is respectful to the others
  • if someone on steemit writes something sexist, let's react. Same with every other discrimination against any social group.
  • if we are in relationship, let's keep it in a partnership level, sharing the responsibilities equally, including raising the kids taking care of the household
  • let's be aware of sexism and never repeat hurting stereotypes, including the one about the things "only for men", like stock trading or cryptocurrency. If we hear someone saying that kind of things, let's react

Thank you for reading,

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Thanks very much for taking part in this great contest. Our pleasure 😃.

Thank you for making such an interesting contest. Very creative and original. Good day to you!

Hello friend @ papi.mati, I am the same one who once wrote to you saying that I wanted to talk to you and then you did not know anything else about me, I take the opportunity to apologize, since I had my reasons and I did not want to occupy your time in something that was not going to be possible for me, at that moment. Well that was, in part, the reason why I did not occupy you, Thank you for being so nice to me. On the other hand, I was reading your post, which I found so interesting, and there was something that made me click, "Let's be honest, writing in Steemit takes a lot of time" . Because this is really and totally true, especially at times, it is frustrating when you have invested so much time and effort to write a post, and then it is not valued, especially if you are taking it as a source of sustenance. Because it is not true that one only does it for the love of art, but also to obtain some economic benefit, especially when like me, that I lost my livelihood source. So sometimes your spirits go down, when you see, their posts at zero. Well, the truth is that your post seemed excellent to me, I congratulate you, I also like to write a lot and I am able to see when a writing is very good and yours is. See you soon friend.

Don't worry about not contacting me. I totally understand that some conversations cannot be made anytime. I want to assure you that I am here for you though and you can text me whenever you feel ready to do it. Doesn't matter if it will be in few days or few months - I won't forget and will be there when you will need me.

Yes, you are right that sometimes good content remains unnoticed. There is a lot of people who writes on steemit and the abilities of the curators remains limited, as there are people only. I can only suggest you to not give up. Surely sooner or later you will be noticed. Stay safe and have a great day!

The only thing I can tell to you is thank you, for having such a loving heart. That is what is truly important in life. Your words speak to me very well of you.
As for the publications, for now I am not going to lower my guard, I love writing, but it is still difficult when some things like the responsibilities that you cannot avoid, that are necessarily distracting and then the work is double.
It was a pleasure talking to you. In my heart there will always be a place for a good friend. Until next time.

Excelente tu publicación amigo @papi.mati, muy informativa.

Serías tan amable de visitar mi publicación por favor 🤩

Wow me encanta esta publicación, abarcas el tema en general. Sí, realmente el mundo tecnológico lo ven más relacionado con los hombres como la mecánica. Yo por ejemplo, estudié informática una carrera que no a muchas mujeres les atrae, sin embargo había varias chicas en la clase, debe ser como tú dices por estereotipos!

Buen Post!


Muchas gracias! Si, es verdad. Hay muchos estereotipos sobre la informatica...


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Thank you, I appreciate it 👏🏽