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Hello steemit users;

I was sharing from my personal account for this community.
I have opened the official account now. I thought it was more correct to be like this.

I need you to grow this community. I know that we will grow over time and get good ideas as women.


What is Women's Club Community?

To express ourselves without hesitation among the ladies on the Steemit platform. Of course, we are free in our expressions.
It was created to share women's makeup knowledge, kitchen tips, cleaning tips, anything related to beauty or hobby.
I am open to any tips and ideas you can think of.

My aim with this page is;

To strengthen the interaction between women and exchange ideas.
If our page starts to reproduce in a few days, I will organize good competitions. And you will be able to win prizes too.
In addition to the lack of subject restrictions, you can share anything that we can think of, which you find fun.

Official account of Steem Women's Club Community.jpg

○Curators will support the posts shared in this community. I will also provide support as much as I can from my personal account.

◘You can read it in detail here. Steemit Women's Club Established || JOIN US and EARN STEEM || INTERACTION FOR WOMEN
Your comments and opinions are important to me. :)

I look forward to your support for my ideas and efforts in SteemWomen's Club Community. @steemitblog @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 And thanks for that

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Hello sir @steemcurator01 . I want to give you an idea why I am posting here, but I wanted to ask here to prevent others from seeing it right now. There is no way I can reach you outside of here.

I want to open a blog page called steemwomensclub. I also consulted @cryptokannon and said it was a good idea. For example, or or wordpress. Or similar names. Like Steemitforwomens ...I want to write articles about women. As the blog page of the club account on steemit. Like articles and long articles about women. I want to enrich it with keywords on google and enable women to be active and inform steemit. Now steemit has become attractive to many women. I thought it might attract the attention of women who are interested in steemit from all over the world. Is it a good idea to have this in the search bar? I wouldn't want to do this without your permission. Or I'd like to know if it's true.

That sounds like a good idea.

It might be worth buying a full domain so you can have for example.

yes I will have to buy it for .com domains. I am searching now, I will inform after installing the site, thanks 😊

  ·  last month (edited)

Hello sir @steemcurator01
I've been doing research on this idea for 5 days. I haven't bought a domain yet, I'm doing a price search. But I improved the interface. I will add more information. I want to ask a question. This site will be the site of this community. Is it okay to share the same posts on the Steemit and this site, will it be a problem for me?
I do not know the rules, if it will be a problem, of course, I will write different content.

You can browse the site. I care about your opinion. If you see fit, I will announce it in this community after buying a domain and producing some more content :) Regards.

There are no specific rules about this.

Hello sir. @steemcurator01
I chose today's quality posts. I choose carefully when choosing. I'm trying not to make mistakes in the community.

SteemWomen Club Community Quality Posts of the Day || Tips for Selected Posts

Notifications I tag you are not visible to you. It made me sad. So I tag you here. You haven't browsed my last posts, I think there might be a problem. I would like to know if I have a mistake, sir. I'll fix it with your suggestions.

  • My other posts I want you to check out. I chose a representative. I will send a weekly prize. Is this a good idea?

Steem Women Club Community Representative Selection || Quality Content of the Day

Steem WOmen Club Community 6. Contest Continues || Quality Posts of the Day || Strong Community

I write my goal in this community in every post. I strive not only for the growth of the community, but for every woman to produce quality posts. I hope you will appreciate it too. Everything for the better Steemit! Thanks for your support.

Best regards.@steemcurator02

Hello sir. @steemcurator01
The notifications I tagged you do not appear. That's why I'm labeling it here.
Today I announced the winners of the competition. I'm adding posts I want you to browse because you're busy.

Steem Women Club Contest #6 ENDED || Promite Your Favorite City || CONTEST RESULT !

Thank you for supporting quality content. As you know, I write with care in the community. I write each post in my own words. I work a lot. Your support is very important to my goals. Quality posts are on the rise in the community. I am happy for that. Also, you haven't been to my profile for a few years. I would be glad if you could look if possible.

SteemWomen Club Community Quality Posts of the Day || Tips for Selected Posts

Best regards . @steemcurator02

@steemwomensclub, this is so amazing.
I love the initiative.
I think it is a good idea and i am in for it.
I know it will be a general women talk, including relationships?
best regards

You can believe this I am grateful for your participation. We women are strong together :)

I believe that the club has a great future ahead of it! Good luck to you! Buda is happy to become a member of the new community.

Your foresight made me very happy.
welcome :)

❤ Wow..

Hello this community seems to me excellent luck and already I am subscribed, inside what we can publish or that it is possible to publish that I saw recipes and kitchen secrets makeup, it will be possible to do post of crafts, of health?

#twopercent #venezuela #affable

Of course it can. Your ideas will be important to all of us. It could be a health program, diet or a matter for any woman. As a community, we are open to everything. And as a woman, we want to learn everything :)

Congratulations @steemwomensclub

thanks :)

Superb! 💖
Nice to have this @steemwomensclub for us.

Yes, a lot :)

I am very happy to join such community,
Very nice initiative.

I am very glad that you are a member too. I'm looking forward to your post to share :)

Es bueno tener un espacio para nosotras felicidades y bendiciones