Condensor API :Get Account History API Not Working

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Hey Guys! Sometime last month we had an issue with respect to the account history API. Querying it used to return an internal server error. This error was present on just the RPC node. So, the simplest fix for me was to switch to node and that seemed to have fixed the problem for me back then.

However, the same problem has resurfaced. Except, this time it is on both the main steemit node as well as the node. Could someone please let me know if this is some routine maintenance that the servers undergo during which this problem occurs or is this actually caused because of some bug?

Additionally, I would also like to keep other options open as well. Running a complete node by myself is not an option for the time being. So, is there a list of different steem API nodes that I could get? This would help me to write the logic in code to automatically switch when an error occurs in one of the nodes.

Here is the screenshot of the error that I'm getting when I try to hit the API using postman.

Exception when I hit the API

I request @steemcurator01 to please bring this to the notice of the engineering team. Also, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or alternative APIs that I can use to get the account history of a particular user.

Thank you.


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Thank you for this note. Now passed on to Engineering.

Not sure if @justyy or @steemchiller have a list of API nodes?

Thank you!

The Engineering Team are working on the fix now.

In the meantime this list might be useful...

Yes, thanks. Checked those and looks like @justyy's node works fine. All others have the same issue. @etainclub also provided me an API that works. So, I think we cal also add a few limitations to the max at a single call can fetch) to this list of nodes.


The official api is ok now.

Yup. It works. Thanks!