Steem Nova - Current progress in this Steem Blockchain attached game

in hive-196037 •  last year  (edited)

Continuing my progress in @steemnova , you can seen I have built up a substantial base but now upgrading units to higher levels requires every increasing amounts of raw materials. So the next step is to build up the storage facilities so more raw materials can be held - some units now require more raw material then I currently have storage for.

While I'm not flying up the rankings position 104 is still pretty good going.

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I do not even remember when was the last time I played SteemNova. I even forgot about this game. Nowadays I mostly play NextColony, which is similar to SteemNova, and also on the Steem blockchain. Have you tried NextColony?

I started with NextColony, but it feels like it takes forever for things to happen. Then I found @steemnova and prefer it because you can actually achieve things in a day instead of waiting a week.

Yes, I feel similar things about NextColony, but I still play it. Because of the possibility of earning StarDust (SD) during playing the game (exploring the galaxy), it may worth it in the long term. But it really takes a lot of time to be able to build even an Explorer ship in the game.