BETTERLIFE- The Dairy game - 28 september 2021

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Hello everyone once again hope you all are fine. Today i am going to write one more diary post.Today i wake up little late at 7 am. I wash my face and took brush on my teeths. I miss religious activities today after many days. I then open my books and start reading few topics of machine design , i read design of cone brake.i then went to near shop where i buy milk , bread and ice cream. I eat ace cream early today. I then make tea and drink it with bread.

ice cream which i eat today

After tea i gave one online lecture of power plant engineering, this lecture ends after one and half hour. I open facebook as i was free and start watching short videos. I watch small scene of tubelight movie. I have never seen this movie so i decided to watch this movie. I start watching this movie on hotstar. In this movie i like acting of salman khan. I then take lunch and eat rice and eggs.
tubelight movie which i watch today

After that i went to my apple garden for checking the condition of apples where they are ready for picking or not. I found less colour so i decided to pick them after three days. I then play few games of pubg game with my friends.

Apple at my home garden

At evening i went to kundalan stadium for watching the final match of kundalan super league. The final was between our district team and kulgam team. Our team decided to bat first but lost most valuable player quickly. But the rest team done vary nice and set a huge target of 230 runs in 20 overs. The opposite team lost quick wickets and lost this big final by 37 runs. Our team was awarded by 2 lakh fifty thousands and trophy.

Today's ipl match

At night i start watching ipl match between mumbai indians and Punjab Kings. This time second inning of this match is going. So i decided to write post first and then watch the remaining match.


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I can relate your topics of study with my study too . I am also a mechanical engineering B.Tech student . Can you tell me more about your experience in the subject and field as i am very enthusiastic !!!

In this semester we have five subjects that includes machine design, Refrigeration , mechanical vibrations , power plant engineering and advanced manufacturing process.
In which semester you are studing?

I am in 3 rd semester B. Tech. I have solid mechanics, theory of machines and mechanism, fluid mechanics, engineering thermodynamics, physics of engineering material, semiconductor physics and engineering mathematics .Total 7 subjects..

Fluid mechanics is little bit tough.

In which college you are studing?


I am studying at NIT Durgapur ,West Bengal.

You are studying in which one?

Islamic university kashmir

Apple 🍎 pic is looking awesome.
Nice post please keep posting.

Thanks bro

Keep sharing your day with us like this good diary. enjoy this thank you

Apple's looks very fresh and juicy.
Nice diary keep posting and have a wonderful day.



So very beautiful apples in your garden, @alexcarlos. Thanks for sharing with us.

Yes, tube light was a good movie indeed. The best acting wise performance by Salaman Khan.