Better life / diary game: 28/sep/2021

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Hello friends welcome to all of you. How are you all in my new post, hope you are doing well.

Friends, I had to go to college at 10:00 But my friend called me and said you come at 8:00 so that i can take your bike . So then I had to go early because of this and then he left with my bike, then I stayed for some time at a shop who knows me, so we sat at the same shop and drank some tea there.



And then there I remembered that I have to do my homework too. I did not go to college and then I remembered then my friend helped me in doing homework.

Today's my three class in SP college and like I told you earlier also. Asking if I have a lot of free time in between the classes, then we get very bored during that time. In college and just starting out, we are not getting much so that we can do anything. Because of this we have to remain free. For some time and our home is also far away from college, then we are not able to come. Have to stay in college.

And when I come home, I go to 3:00 pm, then I feel more sun sometimes, then after coming home I took a bath again and after taking a bath, I ate some food.

Friends, today there was more, otherwise see you tomorrow with a new post and you all take care of yourself and support me.

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Yep buddy, we all got bored in free time.

Nice diary from your side.
Thanks for sharing your day with us keep posting.
Thank you.

very nice i think you must have enjoyed drinking tea with all friends thank you very much for repeating your day with us

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Thank you.

The tea tumblers with mud pot look good #affable

@ayushverma12 great diary game from your side. make it more detail though

Nice dairy

I like tandoori tea..
Thanku for sharing ur post..

The tea looks so beautiful and really beautiful dairy post you shared

You should use sunscreen while going in sun...It will prevent tan and also save your skin from harmful rays.