List of Active Users(INDIA)- 16/05/2021

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Consolidated list of Active Authors (actively participating in various challenges/contests) from India

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Note- This list is not limited to the members of the BOI community, it includes all the users from India who are actively participating in various ongoing challenges like #betterlife #mytown10pics #cryptoacademy & other community initiatives.

Engagement stats of the Active users

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Note-The readymade comments(in the Newcomer's community), the comments like Thank you, nice, wow, etc are not taken into account.



With the new voting model enforced since 04th April' 2021, the engagement in the Indian community has greatly improved. However, we aspire to make it free-flowing, organic, free from spam. It should be as natural as real-life engagement & socializing, otherwise the engagement stat will become a number game only.

When a passionate steemian socializes with another steemian, he/she literally creates that social intersection, and many such intersections form an interconnected web, ultimately a social platform. Therefore the reward should flow to such users who help to build such a social network.

As the new voting model has encouraged many of our users in the Indian community to improve engagement activities, we will persist with the same voting model this week too.

There has been a steady rise in the number of active users in the Indian community and we are overwhelmed by the activity and engagement of late. The number of active users stands at 73 this week, we will vote one post per user this week(the Indian community gets two days time to curate with 07 account).

Voting Model

  • Those who only publish their diary post in #betterlife, or other initiatives and do not engage with others (and those who exactly publish 2 diary posts per week, and do not visit others) will get a max upvote weight of 12% from the Steemcurator07 account, and a max of one post per user shall be curated.

  • Those who publish their diary posts(or other initiatives) and also visit others will get up to a maximum upvote weight of 36% from the Steemcurator07 account, and a max of one post per user shall be curated.

  • The total nos of active users this week stands at 73, so the curators are requested to optimize the resources and cover all the users in two days(i.e. 17th & 18th May 2021).

  • The curators are requested to pay attention to the engagement activities of the users(refer to the table). If the engagement activity of a user is poor(e.g. 0,1,2, 3, 4, 5, etc) then the curators should not use an upvote weight of more than 12%.

  • After voting a post the curators must leave a comment with feedback/remarks/suggestions.


Important Note

  • Indian community gets two days' time to curate with 07 accounts (Monday & Tuesday). So curators are requested to make sure that VP does not sit idle.

  • Please curate serially. The objective of this post is to ensure effective & organized curation with the Steemcurator07 account and to ensure better coordination among the curators. The curators should leave a comment on this post once they finish curation. For example, Sl No 1-25 Curated by Curator1 Date 17/05/2021.

  • Be aware of spam/plagiarized content. Use appropriate tools to detect such posts. (There have been many such instances of plagiarism of late).

  • Curate Steem Exclusive content only.



We request all the active users to visit each other's posts, without that we can not form an interconnected web, which is essential to build a social platform.

The users should check their engagement stat of this week and should accordingly improve it to get better rewards.

That said, we request the users to push for organic engagement, it should feel real, valuable, productive, disseminate information, etc. It should feel like a social thing.

We would also request all the users to vote the post you are visiting & commenting on, that is part of curation and that also strengthens the PoB.

Finally, we assure Steemit Team that curation with Steemcurator07 account will be effective and organized with this new curation strategy and it will also improve the engagement.

Thank you.


Any suggestion, feedback to improve this structure of curation schedule is always welcome. Please leave a comment if any active user's name is not included in this list.




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It's honored to see my name in this list continues 3rd time


I m not getting any curators vote or not getting any booming support

@ayeshask, I think they have a lot of work these days.

Yes maybe

just keep posting you will get soon

Sir, as you said, now I also do a regular post, I still do not get any support in the #Best-of-India.
@best-of-india , @sapwood , @rishabh99946 , @neerajkr03

I m also giving quality content if anything wrong with my content please tell me i am working on my mistakes please support me i am doing very hard-work for content

Thank you so much

धन्यवाद सर लिस्ट में मेरा नाम लेने के लिए

I am so glad to see my name on this list 😊
#affable #india

thanks for selected me on list

@sapwood Bro my name is not listed.

You were inactive for the last 11 days and you have published a new diary post just 18 hrs ago. We prepared this list last Sunday. So at that time, we did not find any active, votable content in your profile.

We would request you to remain active and keep on producing content consistently on a regular basis, do engage with others. You will definitely find your name on this list in the future.

Thank you.

Ok thank you bhai

Great job done guys. Congratulations 👍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼