100 steem power up today - Empowering community to get empowered.

in hive-196725 •  last month 
With today's 100 steem power up done, i reached steem power of 5200. And the good thing is that, the steem that i used to power up today was earned from my last power up post that paid out today.


Pre power up status


Post power up status


I am trying to take advantage of low value of Steem, so this is my second power up in a week. Last power up was of 150 Steem 7 days back and now i did 100 SP up. I am planning to do frequent power ups. So it is a sort of investment.



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That's great man, keep powering up. It would also be great if you delegate to BOI community that you can receive better curation rewards in liquid form at the end of the every month.

I am delegating to BOI already, i am planning to delegate more soon.


That's great :)

Hi sir can u explain how can we mark ur achievements