Betterlife with steem | 11/06/2021 | Mind, Body and Spirit | Playing Cricket to be fit.

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Hello friends hope you are all fine. Today after getting up at 8:30 am, i started watching news online till 9:15 a.m. then I freshened up, had breakfast and dressed up immediately to head towards duty. On way, I received call from our vaccinator saying that, due to ongoing lockdown she was not getting any means of transport to reach hospital . So I told her to stay at a hospital nearby her house , which was exactly 10 km away from my usual destination . But to carry vaccination I went to pick her up and then we both came to Hospital. We started our routine duties till 2 p.m. Then I went to Mosque to offer Friday prayers. It was scoarching heat outside . After prayers I had lunch and then again continued duty to 3:30 p.m. By then my driver came and I left towards home.

Just to give up sedentry lifestyle , I'm trying to indulge in some form of physical activities daily . So today I went to a playground nearby to watch cricket match going on. I have given up playing cricket for some reason , which i shall share with you.


Let me tell you , why don't i play cricket. I was in 3rd primary when I was playing cricket with guys much older than me . One day while I was fielding at point, as batsman hit the ball , it straight away came and hit my head just above my left eye . My uncle too was there, he wrapped handkerchief around my head and brought me home. I was more scared of being banged by mom than by injury. That was the day, when I give up playing cricket. However I enjoy watching cricket and other games as much as players do. I think cricket is as best to keep physically fit as any other game because it involves all sort of exercises needed to keep your body physically and mentally healthy in a cordial social environment.

Later i came back to my home, feeling fully energetic but missing the days when I used to play cricket. Then I took a nap for a while and later got up at the time of having dinner . After dinner , I went to see my ailing grandmother as her blood pressure was slightly higher. So I gave her medicine, stayed there for half an hour . Than i again checked her blood pressure , as it was nearly normal, so I came back to my room and started writing this diary. I shall now get busy with official work.

Thank you

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Unfortunate event happened while playing cricket long back but in othar way you are lucky that your uncle immediately took a quick action.Nice diary

you are lucky that your uncle immediately took a quick action

You are right. My uncle was bowler and i was playing with his team. Fortunate to have him.


is it #affable typo ?


#amiable & #affable are same meaning.

Basically here project affable is going on and it is not going on the basis of meaning. It won't recognise amiable tag. Hope you know that.
Thank you

Then you are 👉 i will also follow you
@drgamu #affable #india. ...ok

That place looks so nice and good for cricket. I also faced the same issue as while I was a child, someone plays shot straight to my left eyes with a plastic ball. there was a dark round circle for many days but I love cricket a lot as I also afraid for many days but later I never field near batsmen ever. I only play once a year as it's my brother's office tournament as now not get much time but always willing to play as it's my favorite game as well as watching and blogging too regarding cricket.

@drqamu Oho! Feeling bad to know your story. Anyway life must go on.😊 So enjoy watching cricket.Thank you for sharing your story. Have a good day 🌞.

Same thing happened to me, I used to play volleyball and one day while blocking I got hit on my pinky finger and suffered a fracture, from that day I scared to play as I got hit in my working hand.

Nice diary and the location is the perfect one to play cricket. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you

batsman hit the ball , it straight away came and hit my head

You should forget what happened 20 yrs ago and start playing again..It will boost your health..toti chukh cxe puzz puzz lekhaan..

#affable #india

oti chukh cxe puzz puzz lekhaan..

Ye che puz wallah, cxe che ne paye.


Mai cxe pyye che aaye ball 3rd class manz ..cxe chukh aj daleeel laekhaan..

#affable #india

Great to see that you start playing cricket. Because of corona, we not play outdoor sports only. It is good exercise for mind and body.

You just made me jealous of you being able to play cricket. I miss playing cricket for a long. @drqamu Have fun

Hello doctor.. it's really good to see your diary once again. The way you write your diary is really good. I can see that you justify your text which makes your diary more beautiful. But I want to see more images in your diary post as I love to see your creative content. I really want to visit Kashmir but due to lockdown in coronavirus unable to visit Kashmir. So I want doctor show me the beauty of Kashmir and it's lovely nature. Have a nice day keep posting such content all the best.

I want doctor show me the beauty of Kashmir and it's lovely nature.

I have recently shared some diaries containing photos of one place. More will keep on coming with diaries. Basically in today's diary, it was duty . So there was nothing more to update.