The diarygame 04/06l2021 : Celebrating birthday of my nephew.

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Today on 04th june is birthday of my nephew. So i arranged cake and gifts for him but i couldn't attend the celebration because i was supposed to be on night duty. So i was the only member missing in the celebration that was held at 12 o clock .

Birthday cake

My sis and bro in law trying to hold my nephew

Today after finishing my duty at 10 :45 am in the morning, i came back home . I reached home by 11:45 am, freshened up and than took a cup of milk. Than i got busy playing with my nephew till 1:00 pm, than i had lunch and offered friday prayers and later took a nap for a while. Than i woke up had tea and started doing crypto homework. I completed by 9:00 pm and later went to see my grandmother. Later we had dinner and now i am writing diary.


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Happy birthday to him from me.
Cake look very delicious.

So kind of you to stop by and yeah cake was very delicious.


😃 😃

A very very happy birthday to him.
Keep posting.


Wow, it's a party 🎉🥳.... Many wishes for the birthday child.
#affable #india

Thank you

wishing your nephew a very happy birthday. May god bless him. Very beautiful cake. Nice post from your side doctor.

Doctor I have a question from you. Can you please tell me Benifits of drinking water from earthern pot ? I want to know ilabout it as I am unable to get perfect Answer on google.

Many wishes to him for his happy birthday ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Happy birthday to your nephew, yes the night shift sucks a lot on this kind of occasion. @drqamu but what can we do? duty is a duty, has to be done anyhow. keep posting

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Thank you.

Wishing him a happy birthday. cute baby, cake is too much chocolaty looking delicius.
#afafble #india

Yeah cake was too much chocolate laden ordered by me on demand as i like chocolate. But at the end i was not there 🤣.

Thank you.

But at the end i was not there 🤣

oho so sad😱, better luck next time😋😀
#affable #india

Happy Birthday to your nephew. So cute baby.