The diarygame :09/06/2021; Getting kids vaccinated

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Today I woke up at 8:30 a.m. when my dad woke me up for attesting documents of neighbors otherwise i would have enjoyed few minutes more. Than i freshened up, and came back to my room and had breakfast. Than me and my dad sat together to finish left over works plan for our lawn and terrace . I than dressed up and headed towards duty. As i reached , i came to know that we had neither vaccinator nor vaccine made available by headquarter. As i called there, they initially gave some baseless reasons and than arranged both , so i called one of my fellow doctors to pick vaccinator from nearby centre and also get vaccines from cold chain. They arrived in an hour and started routine vaccination of kids.

Routine vac of kids

Than one stupid man came and started unnecessary argument about covid vaccine. Somehow i comtrolled my amger and let him go without banging. Than continued routine duty. After finishing duty, i went ro market to collect documents for audit of funds alloted by Government for hospital. I reached home by 6 :10 pm, drained and out of steem I freshened up and took tea and than took a nap for a while. Than i woke up by 9:00 pm, had dimmer and went to see my grandmother. Than i came back to my room and sat to do so official work. Now i am. Writing this diary.

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You are an inspiration for this cumminity,firstly being a COVID warrior and then managing time to share your day with us..


Thanks for the compliment. Tot mile ne cxe upvo, cxe ker t em khot samajdar kuthe.


Wuchov haa kenhh maa gss..


At present covid vaccination started for Kids???

Here still Adults vaccination also not completed
Even i am also waiting for my turn.

Nice diary from you. Take care.

#affable #india #tamilnadu

At present covid vaccination started for Kids???

No it was not covid vac but it was routine vac.

Here still Adults vaccination also not completed

Same here.


Oh ok.

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Your work is really commendable.
Keep up with the good job.

Thank you for sharing your day with us. God bless you.

@drqamu Some people do unnecessary arguments better to avoid them.Anyway thank you for sharing your day.Stay safe😊

You are right and i did same.


Vaccine are very important for every kids... i have seen many known people who are afraid of getting vaccinated. But still hospitals just skips their home instead of spreading awareness...


But still hospitals just skips their home instead of spreading awareness...

You may have seen at the time when vaccination sessions are going on. Basically at that time, the teams at work are not from the field who are entitled to carry out health education. So they may be skipping the homes. The truth is that , at health centres there are separate teams who are entitled to deliver health education to the people and those sessions are conducted regularly but separate from the vaccination sessions .

Thank you