The diarygame : 10/06l2021 : Learn something about everything.

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Today i woke up at 5 am in the morning, had morning prayers than came back to bed to sleep again as i cannot compromise with sleep unless necessary. Than my dad called me at 8 :30 am to attest documents of neoiughbour . Finally i had to come out of bed, freshened up, had breakfast and left at 10:00 am towards duty. Most of the focus is on covid vaccination these days. We got our quota by 10:30 am and we started vaccination by 11:00 am. People are still reluctant to get vaccinated , so we had to activate our field staff to mobilise the people. Finally we finished our quota by 3 :00 pm. Shortly thereafter i left towards home. On reaching i freshemed up, took salty tea and bread.

Than i called one of my friends to get a DSLR camera with him as i wanted to learn using DSLR because i am. planning to get a new one for myself. So we went to one of the places nearby and i started to learn using DSLR. It was an amazing experience. Although i started by using auto mode but within few days, i hope I'll be doing better.

Learning photograpy

I believe learning is a gradual and continuous process . We should try to learn something about everything so as to be self reliant. We should always be receptive when it comes to learning . I came back home by 8 :30 pm, took a nap for a while and than got up, had dinner and than went to my room. Now i am writing this diary. I shall soon be getting busy with my official work.


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@tipu curate

Yes you are right by saying learning is continous process. It is jist like life, both are going on.


Learning something new is always fun.
Keep posting.

Nice diary from you. keep posting.

Learning photography is quite a hard task. As now a days nearly every photo is also edited after taking good photo.

What are you views on it sir.??? Should editing (or you can say tempering ) photos using different apps fall under photography section???


What are you views on it sir.??? Should editing (or you can say tempering ) photos using different apps fall under photography section???

I think as for as editing of the photographs is used for the sake of fun , that is no ways going to be problematic but if such photographs are used for deception like here on steemit to gain rewards, then that's going to be problematic and should be viewed seriously. The good thing is that, here we have a team at work to detect such miscreants and warn them of plagiarism.


We shouldn’t stop learning..bdw cxe krr onuthh dslr..

One day i will also buy DSLR with steem tokens 😁, Nice post sir

Good. Steem on.

Is it Nikkon 3500 DSLR ?

May be but i don't have enough knowledge about it yet.