The diarygame : 18/06/2021 : Hectic duties and...

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Continuing my diary from yesterday night duty. I was relived at 11 :00 am than i reached home by 11:45 am. On way back, just to kill time, i took pics. Have a look.

on way back to home

After being back, i freshen up and took a cup of milk and bread. Than my nephew was brought to my home , i played wirh him for an hour and than i had lunch. Shortly thereafter i took a nap till 3:30 pm, than i woke up and watched local news from youTube and later had tea. Than i went to my room and got busy with official work till 7pm. Later i went to look at the work going on in our home and lawn. Shortly thereafter i came back to my room and got busy with some work with my dad till dinner. After dinner, i received call from one of my friend and we got busy in discussing some patients for an hour. Now i am writing 5his diary.


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When you organize your time, you will live like a king, away from emptiness and depression

Very nice picture you have added.
Keep posting.
Stay safe.

You have taken a very nice pic.keep posting
Have a great day.
Take care

#affable #india

Beautiful setting for a picnic by the stream. #affable