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Hello dear steemians, how are you all ? I hope you all are doing great and i wish everyone better health,more wealth,peace and prosperity.Today i am posting my diary and i hope you love my day .


Today i woke up a little late because i am suffering from some throat infection,and my throat was aching a little throughout the night.I didn't go for a walk today and took a hot bath at about 8:30AM.Then i went to have my breakfast,i firstly drank one glass of hot water which gave me a little relief and then took hot namkeen tea that is very common in kashmir.Locally called as Noon chai.Then i went to take a lecture on current affairs.Done with the class at about 11:00AM i went to harvest walnuts and for this ,we need some specialized labour who can climb huge walnut trees and strike the walnuts using long sticks .I also got an apple from my father who had gone to the orchard.

IMG_20210928_122900_415.jpgA tasty KULU delicious apple

IMG_20210928_103427.jpgWalnut trees and i hope you can spot a person on the tree


We completed our job of harvesting and collecting walnuts at about 4:00PM and then i decided to take some rest and spend some time with the carpenter who is doing some panelling work at my home.

IMG_20210928_092000_460.jpggossiping with the carpenter


Today we got a machine to peel off the walnuts because of shortage of labour.If wanuts are kept as such without peeling off ,they get some bad colour that makes them unfit for export.So as to expedite our job ,almost it takes 2 minutes to peel off the walnuts and also clean them simultaneously.


IMG_20210928_193736.jpgprocessing walnuts

Now i came to my home to have dinner and to take rest.Today i got exhausted.Thank you and good night.

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You have a very nice post .
#india #affable

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Nice post thanks for sharing with us
#india #affable

@jahangeerkhanday tell me in which rates you export i want to know the margin of between dealers and in which rates i get

We export it at a rate of about 300/kg .

very nice apple picture and thank you for sharing your precious day with us

Walnuts look very good and healthy dry fruits. @jahangeerkhanday. Thanks for sharing with us.

I couldn't spot the person, you are lucky that you have walnuts in your garden #affable

It is nice to know about the Processing of walnuts, great post, thanks for sharing #affable