Better life with Steem | The diary game | 02 September 2021 | 1 more day to go!

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Today in the morning i woke up late, when i woke up all i think was about money heist lol, i was checking every bit of details on the exact release time of money heist in India and i figured out the exact time is 3 September 12:30PM IST.

And yet again i watched trailer one more time and literally the hype is real for money heist while scrolling social media i found so many memes and information related to money heist.

After all this i headed straight for my shower and then i had my breakfast today i had Poha with tea unfortunately no picture because I was so desperate for breakfast totally forgot about it lol.

After it i messaged my cousin to buy the Netflix Subscription again, recently he got busy with his work so he didn't buy last month but this month he has no choice Because September is going to all about Netflix and chill and IPL.

Later spend sometime on my laptop engaging in steem blockchain then my friend came at my home, so i went out with him for sometime we roam in the city and headed to a juice corner we had juice of 1KG pomegranate which cost 1.1USD

Captured in the evening time while roaming in the city,

Later we went to meet another friend of us who lives nearby when we reached there i saw two puppies playing with each other, they been in that area for a while now and many people feed them oftenly so they are playing and eating all the time lol.

Puppies playing ,
Later my friend dropped me home and headed back to his home, i had my shower again and then straight to bed and spend rest of the time watching series and playing games.

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Yup, IPL starts on 19 sep.
I like the theme tune of ipl.
Thanks for sharing your day.

Yup eagerly waiting for IPL As well. Which is your favorite team tho?

Mumbai indians, buddy.

Netflix subscription is still too high I believe as compared to other app. Yes Eagerly waiting for IPL. Hope you had a great day.@rishabh99946 # affable

Indeed it's high but you can download /watch almost all the movies and series from torrent or other third party websites easily.

yah im using torrent for downloading movies. @rishabh99945

You clicked the evening Sunset picture is very beautiful. @rishabh. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

Pomegranate is one of my favorite fruit. In Gujarat, Bhavnagar district is a major producer of it.

Woah, never knew about it. Thanks for the information.

pomegranate is good for health and helps to increase hemoglobin and the sunset view is too beautiful. Nice to see pictures of puppies.

Thank you so much for sharing your day with us.

Preety Amazing puppies playing scene shared w/ us

Pls keep sharing

I do not have Amazon prime and Netflix because I love to listen old songs and old movies. I hope you enjoy watching online movies. @rishabh99946