Better life with Steem | The diary game | 04 September 2021 | Hoping Some Improvement

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Yesterday been a little busy and horrific day, though today was almost same as yesterday, Today in the morning i woke up early At around 7AM, Brother was feeling a little better but still had some stomach ache.

I woke up then i had my shower and then i had my breakfast, i had a cup of tea and some snacks while having breakfast i had sometime so yeah I started to watch Money heist on Netflix, i have been eagerly waiting for it and finally it arrived.

Watching Money Heist series On Netflix

However I'm a little late too it, i already saw so many spoilers post on social media platforms even my friends were sending me messages that Tokyo dies in episode 5 lol, i watched One episode in the morning which had a duration of around 40 minutes.

Brothers went to hospital with father for blood testing since doctors said they will treat further after seeing the improvement through blood test, well There wasn't much improvement, now platelets were 32000 and they gave him some injections and IV fluids drips.

Now he was admitted again, i headed to hospital at around 10AM, I stayed there till afternoon Then i got hungry so i returned home for lunch, it's good that the hospital is nearby, barely 700M i got home and had my lunch again i watched 1 episode of the Series and then i started to feel sleepy so i headed to my bed for a short nap.

In the evening time i Went back to the Hospital This time i brought Some Fruits for my brother and i had juice myself, i had pomegranate juice for myself and Some apple, bananas and pomegranate for my sick brother, all cost around 150INR (2USD), i dropped stuff to hospital.

Evening view,

Later my friend came there, so i went out with him to Roam for a while, Weather was good in the late evening, so we roam a little then my friend dropped me back to the hospital, brother got his leave at around 8PM, they said they will treat further again tomorrow after seeing the testing reports.

So we all returned home, we all had dinner together and i returned back to my Room and spent rest of the time scrolling over social media and catching up at steem blockchain and that was all for my day.

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Absolutely nothing to worry about your brother's Condition once starts increasing platlets level it's going to be increase in dengue fever,I had seen & heard about how patients do increase their platlets once reversal starts.
Anyhow take doctors advise & instil of more fluids are necessary.
Pls keep updates and be safe
I once again wish your speedy recovery.


@rishabh99946 i hav finished all four parts of money heist soon i will also see this part nice series on robbery

Wishing your brother a very speedy recovery. I don't like watching Series and all, I'm mostly busy with my studies these days. I watch standup comedy sometimes.

#affable #India

Brother was feeling a little better but still had some stomach ache.

@rishabh99946, it will take some time because my elder sister and niece was also gone through the same situation, and this is dengue take time to raise blood platelets and apart from that taste buds also gone for toss so people often couldn't able to eat things.

Hope your brother gets well soon, I'll pray to god for the fast recovery

I wish your brother's recovery well soon. @rishabh.