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So yet again yesterday once again been a really busy and tiring day for me, Today in the morning i woke up late as i was really tired so i literally slept totally Unconscious. I woke up at around 8AM when i woke up father and brother had already left for hospital.

Who else love the Title song of Money heist

I did rush i had my shower and breakfast as soon as possible, mother prepared the breakfast while having breakfast i watched Another Episode of Money Heist as i was so excited to finish it but i wasn't getting proper time to watch all the remaining episodes.

I left for hospital At around 10AM till then blood testing reports came and fortunately today platelets counts were increased to 80000 in the morning, it was a relief, now i was relaxed and I had episodes of money heist downloaded in my phone so i watch another episode while i was in the hospital.

I returned home in the afternoon for lunch and to sleep a bit, When i returned home mother had already prepared food, i had my lunch and again i watched one episode of the money heist total 4 episodes now only 1 episode left, after having food i headed to my sleep for a short nap.


Bought fruits from here Cost around 2usd,

Again in the evening time i headed for hospital, while on the way i purchased some fruits and had pomegranate juice for myself, Cost for the fruit was 160INR (2.1USD), i reached hospital on time then father returned home for some rest.

I spent my entire evening there, And then he got leave at around 7:30PM then we both returned home, after returning home i had my shower and then i had dinner with my family and then i returned to my room and watched the final episode Of the money episode and ended my day..

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Wow.. you utilised every possible time gap to watch Money Heist. This shows that youre a die hard OTT show fan. 😁

and fortunately today platelets counts were increased to 80000 in the morning, it was a relief,

That's an encouraging sign.


Ah yeah been waiting for it, now can't wait for vol 2 of money heist 3 December damn lol.

I don't know how you will react but, I haven't watched Money Heist yet. 😁😁😁

May be I shall complete all the seasons released till date this winter. 😊


Come on man, This is the best you could do haha... Do it.. Just go for it without having any second thought, you are gonna love it.

Sure sure.. very soon 😁

Thanks god platelets increased 80000. This is good news. Money Heist, I have here about this websirie, I will watch it sometime. Infact your have written a very beautiful diary from your side @rishabh99946