Better life with Steem | The diary game | 06 September 2021

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So yet again i woke up late, again the day being almost same as yesterday same unconscious sleep, today in the morning i woke up at around 9AM, yeah which was late, Brother had already left with father for hospital. They usually do all these testing work after 9AM, but they give him an injection 1 hour before testing that's why they leave at 8AM

I woke up i then i had my shower and then i had my breakfast, while having breakfast i watched the final episode of the money heist series, really enjoyed watching it and now can't wait for its part 2 Which is going to be released on December 3 2021.

Money heist final episode|Netflix

At around 10AM he got his testing reports for today and again The platelets were reduced to 63000 Although doctor said it's nothing to worry about it will recover in a day or two, i left for hospital at around 10:30 AM, they had already started the treatment with drips of fluids and glucose and other injections.

There were some pending hospital bills, i went to the counter to fill the pending bills and the pending bill was of around 150USD, i paid the bill then returned to the room and stayed there till afternoon time.

Later i was feeling hungry so i returned home and then had my lunch and Then scrolled over social media for quite sometime and then i got sleepy So i headed to my bed for a short nap.

Bought groceries from here worth 22usd.

In the late evening time i went to nearby kitchen store with one of my friend to buy some Groceries and other stuff, Well chips and chocolates are always included, i bought some snacks as well the total cost was 1400 INR(22USD) then i returned home and later spent time in steem blockchain.

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Thanks for sharing your activities of the day bro,

Your describing method was too good, i would like to take tution classes from you.

Thanks for sharing brother stay connected and stay safe and keep support bro.



So your brother is recovering now, good to know this.
I have seen you first time in grocery store 😀
nice diary Riahabh

Yes i rarely go for shopping groceries, only when i run out of my snacks lmao.

My mother has the same problem ,she has just 30000 platelets and is constantly having the same number from 2,3 weeks and we are worried about her health. I Pray to God for both to recover.
#affable #india

My wishes for fastest recovery of your mother's health, Give some some extract of papaya leaf it helps in platelets or goats milk.

Thank you a lot .brother @rishabh99946

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Money heist final episode|Netflix, can't wait for its part 2 Which is going to be released on December 3 2021.

I don't know why they divide Final season in 2 volumes...

They been doing that since season 1 every season in 2 parts haha.

I watched the Money Heist 2 times. I was so shocked when Tokyo was died.
It is such a interesting Web series.
Have a good day.

Yes me too, it was very unexpected. Now i'm eagerly waiting for the volume 2 of this season.
Thank you.


If I am not wrong the photo you shared of the Money Heist series is a "Royal Mint of Spain" located in Madrid.

By the way, you are very creative in dairy writing.

Yes you got it right, Royal mint of Spain where they makes their robbery.

Hope your brother gets well soon. @rishabh.Take care.

Thank you.

May your brother have a quick recovery