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So woke up after a terrific sleep, guess i slept so much yesterday afternoon, in the midnight I was having sleeping issues lol, or maybe it was because i watched some videos on youtube after a long time.

Anyway let's get started, today in the morning i woke up late At around 9AM, been having sleeping issues yesterday night, Yet again father and brother had already left hospital and i had to reach their again on time.

Watching Riverdale, available on Netflix

I woke up then i did some cleaning stuff since my laptop got so much dust lol had to clean that table, then i had my shower and then i had my breakfast, while watching some episodes of Riverdale web series that's available on Netflix, after breakfast i left for hospital as soon as Possible.

As soon as i reached hospital the blood testing report had arrived from the pathology and today we got to see some really good improvement now his platelets count was 103k which is almost double of what he had in yesterday's reports, still they give him one more drip and some injections.

Today doctor granted him leave early because only one drip we all returned home by afternoon, then we all had lunch together, after lunch i watched more episodes from Riverdale been watching this series since couple of month and still unfinished damn.

Noodles | 1 USD

In the evening time i went out with my friend, we had Noodles and Dosa their which was really delicious, the cost for both was around 200INR(2.50USD) absolutely worth eating,then later i returned home and then spent rest of the time working on the homework task for this season.

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Big relief ☺️ for you that the condition of your brother was improved a lot when compared to earlier:),the click of noodles you shared looks spicy 🔥,I hope you enjoyed w/ your friend.
Pls keep share your diary & be happy and healthy

Health is wealth,doesn't matter if it is your health or your near one's ,good health is always invaluable.Platelet count of your brother as per the recent report must have brought smiles to your face and i wish your brother fully recovers.And wish my mother good health as well.These days when my mother is feeling that weakness due to less platelet count, i can feel that nothing is more valuable than a mother.I do not express that sadness before her but when i come to my room ,i get absorbed into some deep thoughts after which tears fall down from my eyes unknowingly.I am in a very tough stage of my life.

It seems that Riverdale series is good for watching. I will see soon. I hope and pray that your brother will be fine soon. Noodles are looking so Tasty 😋.


@rishabh99946 i also like hollywood and noodles seems tasty bro, platelets increasing is good

Thanks god finally he got well. I hope he is feeling good now. Well your noodles is looking soo delicious 😋. @rishabh99946

Yes he's doing good now, thank you.

Your Noodles look yummy and tasty. @rishabh.

Yes it was really tasty.

Hope your brother has recovered well by now. Noodle looks yummy and mouth-watering @rishabh99946 Nice post

Thank you for your well wishes, yes noodles absolutely tasty.

you are welcome @rishabh99946