Better life with Steem | The diary game | 08 September 2021 | Keep Improving

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So today been a good day, some days were terrific but we all goes through this phase almost everyday so nothing new, it feels like a new normal now anyway let's get started.

Today in the morning i woke up late At around 9AM, just like Previous days father and brother had already left for hospital, today i cleaned my room and other stuff cooler, laptop and table, i was covered all in dust so i immediately headed for my shower.


While i was having shower mother prepared breakfast, i had a cup of tea and poha in the breakfast and for additional taste i did add some snacks in poha and it always works, i had my breakfast while watching Some news feed over social Media.

After sometime i headed to hospital and checked today's report, today his platelets count increased to 161K which was a really good improvement, today No IV drips for him just some injects and tablets they gave him and told to come back tomorrow again for checkup.

We all returned home, then i did some catching up work from the newcomers community and updated some data and then i watched Some episodes of Riverdale Web series that i have been watching for a while.

Later i engaged myself in steem blockchain because i got reminded that i have to complete my homework task as well, since advanced level tasks are quite big and challenging so yeah needed good enough time to complete and post it and that's how I spent my day..

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It's nice to hear that his health is improving and poha with sev is very good at breakfast and Homework task is really needs a good amount of time. Thanks for sharing your daily updates with us.

I love poha in this rainy season:-)



Poha is a good recipe for breakfast and tasty. @rishabh.
hope you enjoyed it.

Poha looks so healthy and really looks so yummy @rishabh99946

Your poha is looking so delicious 😋
#India #affable

Very good brother shortly described,

i read your previous posts may be your father admitted in he is good so congratulation for his better health and ask him for more intake.



@rishabh99946 nice post it's good to give your reward to @bestofindia keep sharing your day with us

Nice dairy brother hope do you are good and doing well in life. Is there someone admited from your family ? Just take proper care.

Have a great day ahead.

Yes, there are times when you feel every force in the world are working against you but trust me hard times pass and the peace returns to ones life.
Whoever is in the hospital will get better soon. Keep faith.

Poha looks mouth watering ..yumm😋

Recovery of body is a gradual will have to care for the diet of your brother.
Bye the way poha has a good taste. It's a good item to be taken as snacks.

Your poha is looking delicious

Happy for your brother,😀 he is improving very well.I wish him better health.@rishabh99947
#affable #india

It is good the platelets increased, hope he gets well soon, thanks for sharing your day all is well.

@rishabh99946 Your breakfast 😋 poha is looking soo delicious. Thank for sharing your today's activities with us.