Better Life on Steemit | The Diary Game | 11/05/2021

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Hey Guys. So, today I saw in the news that we, in Karnataka also have an acute shortage of Covid-19 vaccines as well. Many people queue up in front of hospitals but only a few end up getting the dose. So, till we get the required quantity of vaccines, please stay at home and keep yourself safe.

Let's get into my daily activities now.


This screenshot was taken at the EOD today and we have great participation so far
Today morning, I woke up at 7 AM and checked on steemit and the normal running of the affable automation tool. We currently have 169 users as of 11-05-2021. Looking at the increasing number of users, it won't be long before we hit the magic number 200.

At around 7:30 AM I went out for a walk with Cooper. Today, Cooper wasn't feeling so good and had an upset stomach in the morning. So, I got him home early and also got tender coconut for him.

After this I went to my sister's house to visit my mom She is doing much better now and hopefully she recovers soon.

At 9:30 AM, I returned back home and had Kellogs for breakfast. I wanted to have an egg as well. However, my dad asked me not to eat eggs today.

At 11:45 AM I attended my morning standup and started to pick up the tasks that were assigned to me.


This was my Lunch Today
In the noon I had curd rice and tomato curry. To make this taste better, I also included Lays in the mix. After this, I was involved in reviewing a few PRs and also attending a bunch of meetings.

Ever since the lockdown has started, our work timings have gone for a toss. So, to compensate I have started to take a short nap at noon. So, at 3 PM I fell asleep.

Evening and Night:

I woke up at around 4 PM.

In the evening I had a banana and chocos for snacks. After this, I got back into a few meetings regarding some of the new bugs that were coming.

At 6 PM I logged out because the rain had taken down the power with it. So, I started to play and annoy Cooper till 7:30 PM in the night.

For Dinner, I ordered from Faasos restaurant
At 8 PM I gave him his dinner and ordered potato rolls for me and my dad at night from Faasos. After my dinner, I curated a few posts on the BOI community and am now going to hit the bed.

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Here in kolkata we are also facing the shortages of vaccine. God knows what will happen! Many aged people also not able to take vaccine for that reason. Nice dairy @starlord28

Shortage of vaccines is haunting everywhere. My parents got ist dose done and are overdue for second but are not getting it now. However, we are blessed to have a cousin @drqamu who is doctor and he assured us that he will get them vaccinated on arrival of vaccines..

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Nice diary from your side. How ere the rolls from Faasos?
#affable #india

Yes it's very difficult to get vaccinated.
But still in some parts of our country people are showing vaccine hesitation.
And thousands of vaccine are getting wasted.

Is your dad get vaccinated ?

#affable #india

Both my parents have got their first dose. However, my mom contracted the actual virus when she got vaccinated. She is currently in home isolation in my sister's house and is slowly recovering.

Ohh that's very good @starlord28.
Hope yr mother recovers very soon.
Take care and keep posting.

#affable #india

That's the story with the whole of India, there is shortage of vaccine everywhere

Hopefully, it gets resolved soon.