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I've been suffering from cough lately along with runny nose, itchy throat and cough. I hsd some mild fever a few days ago which I thought was an infection with my lungs that neefs antibiotics.

But my sputum is colored white, I do not have difficulty in breathing nor having a chest pain. So I self-assesed my symptoms, I do not have a fever now which ruled-out an infection but the itchy nose with itchy throat made me realize that I was suffering from an allergic rhinitis.

I do not know what is causing this but some trees are flowering still, however this was not the case from previous years for me having this severe attack of allergic rhinitis. It could be the bird's feathers from my sister which is commercially sold, then there are now three dogs in this small compound too and the problem was their poop.

Now I am taking Loratadine for my allergy, it seems to work but not fully, however I can sleep better now without being disturbed by too much coughing and the relief was substantial enough, I just hope that this allergic rhinitis will go away soon.

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