SHOCKING! Girl Pees On US Flag on Holy July 4th!

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Yesterday I wrote, "Happy In Dependence Day: A Day To Celebrate Living in a Brainwashed Slave Cult."

In it I discussed how most Americans are brainwashed slaves in a cult that worships false idols such as the flag.

As I was doing that, Emily Lance was peeing on the flag on Facebook. And it got more than 1 million views and came with dozens, if not hundreds, of death threats.

There is even a bounty on her head on Craigslist for $3,000 and her father, who is a statist, has been targeted at his workplace.

If this doesn't prove my point that Americans are brainwashed slaves in a cult nothing does.

If someone peeing on any piece of cloth makes you erupt in violent anger that is because you've been brainwashed.

In this video I discuss what happened and how to deal with living amongst brainwashed slaves.

I mention in the video that no matter what was printed on a piece of cloth, if someone peed on it, it would not upset me.

If seeing this video of a girl peeing on a piece of cloth with colors on it made in China upsets you, you may be brainwashed. Seek help immediately.

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this visual basically sums up everything about our society globally yo...

Ya people aren't even hooked up. They just choose to tune in after their socialization training in school.

I normally dont react to dollar vigilante posts, but his attitude to nationalism and brainwashing through nationalism and that he distances himself through irony is something i really love. So here, take my upvote :D


wait... there was irony in this somewhere?

And I call it Urinating on The so called Fake News hater know who I mean...haha

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  ·  5 years ago (edited)

Not upset but not sure what this accomplished other than social attention.

I don't think this act will take down the Federal Reserve.

I wonder if she would have peed in front of a group of disabled marines. If so then she's for real.

I want change but disrespecting soldiers who died in attempt for freedom?

Take down the Federal Reserve, Deep state, the Occult Cabal. We don't need to disrespect warriors.

Just my opinion I think we can have more effective attempts to take down the FED. Peeing in your house in a bathroom on a phone? really? I guess it worked?

I wonder if she would have peed in front of a group of disabled marines.

Oh shit nig, I just popped a woody. Do you think there's video of that somewhere? I tried googling it...

Insolence is a valid form of resistance. It's like psychological guerrilla warfare.
Also take a check on the soldiers dying for freedom thing.... They died as brainwashed sheep serving the same Cabal you want to take down.

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

Have you served?
Do you have children?
Brainwashed sheep? karmas a bitch...
Down with the Federal Reserve
those sheep still have my respect.

Throughout history, most currency, including the US dollar, was linked to valuable commodities and the amount of it in circulation depended on a government's gold or silver reserves.
But after the US abolished this system in 1971, the dollar became what is known as fiat money, meaning not linked to any external resource but relying instead solely on government policy to decide how much currency to print.

Which branch of our government sets this policy?
The Executive,
the Legislative,
or the Judicial?
The surprising answer is: none of the above!
In fact, monetary policy is set by an independent Federal Reserve System

If you want to call being conscripted into a fascist army at the age of 17 "served" then my answer would be yes though I don't see it as service. More like forced servitude.

@qholloi, pfff, I agree with this statement 100%. It's a step in the right direction, insolence, if nothing else. Thanks for bringing it up!

insolence - contemptuously rude or impertinent behavior or speech; insulting
the quality or condition of being insolent

so basically a condition of being a rude ok wow!

I hope this is not the future of anarchy.

Imma ask. You called Marines warriors, and alluded to them fighting for freedom. I will agree they fight. I expect they attacked people and killed them.

So, who did they free?

And, what could be ruder? Peeing on the corpses of the people they killed?

exactly @valued-customer <3

I don't think she was disrespecting soldiers. More likely she was disrespecting those people who fooled/brainwashed them into fighting for an unjust cause.

You're be out of your mind if you think peeing on a flag has anything to do with veterans.
It's a symbol of tyranny, not a person.
Speaking of veterans, how brainwashed do you have to be to think it's a good thing to travel around the world waging war on innocent people who have never raised a hand against you?
Acting out at the behest of your corporate masters so they can line their pocket so while you and you're buddies die.
Freedom is an illusion. If you're taking orders like that, then you aren't free. You're just another robot serving the system. You're doing nothing to protect your home, family or friends. Wake up.
Mic drop!

Well, it accomplished $700 for Jeff. Haha 😅



Flag people will be upset lol 😂😁😂😁😂

That's ok. All my posts are already flagged.

Dirty bitch!

how is this funny

You're just jelly the DollarVigilante❤ didn't upvote you.


I'm into it too but I can't get off to this one 😝

Wooo ..... What is friend😂😂😂😂😂😂

1 million much money would that have made on steemit?

I just told her to get on Steemit as "flagpeegirl"... will see if she does it ;)

This is the funniest comment by far xD

Stop using the dollar

we need to organize and get on the same page all this energy is going no where...

volunteerism, create agoras, use grey market

Man if half of this energy was put toward taking down the FED we would be free to piss on whatever we want.


If she got a million views, wonder what this monkey got?

37¢.. Much better than a million views

An example of degradation))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

1 million views equals approx $1000 right?

Putting the 'capitalism' in 'anarcho-capitalism' :)

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

"Capitalism" is still Debt-Money slavery. Americans fought to free themselves of the machinations of the Bank of England...(remnants of that struggle can still be found in Britain's parliamentary record) was called "taxation without representation" - and it wasn't just a lousy tea tax, boys and girls....

Wall Street Capitalism fueled the Bolshevik Revolution, two world wars and every war since;

So the 'Anarcho-capitalist' moniker is perhaps an ideology, Anarko-Capitalism is still Capitalism; disorder out of chaos...the Capitalist system is designed to fail after Banksters buy up the entire country as collateral on the Full Faith and Credit of the American People, (article IV section I).

Civil war will be the result...because people like the CANADIAN Berwick run away to their tropical havens...talking shit about people they don't even know...

Need I say, the American form of Government, (the Constitution), was designed for a self-governing people....that power was ceded thanks to Bankster Politicians, not because of some flaw in the Declaration of Independence/ Constitution/Bill of Rights...not because people are brainwashed....we've been disabused or our Founding...

Anarcho-capitalism will also prove to be just another virulent form of SOCIAL DARWISIM... another chapter in the long story of Arrested Development. Whose dream is a dream of sunshine and lollipops.

Socialist/Communism is no different; it is the promise of 'Workers Paradise' when it is REALLY Banker's Paradise - capitalists who end up owning all natural resources AND the means of production while hiding behind totalitarian governments that oversee the equal distribution of poverty....and human degradation.

With or without Government, desperate people will always resort to FORCE...

The America of today certainly is not the America of 1776. It is lorded over by a cadre of megalomaniac politicians who use Government to advance Empire for the sake of Central Bank Capitalism.

I just wish we could find it within ourselves not to stand on high horses and piss on Americans as a people....we are under assault, God damn it: Government schools, Media, Hollywood, Corporatist ethics, not to mention a medical tyranny...

We do nothing to stop the deliberate destruction of an idea *that was not even tried' by denigrating the victims of the Capitalist, Socialist, Communist trifecta.

...and all Ideology for that matter...

ROFL @ Anarcho Capitalism!!

Enough to offset the impact of the strong possibility that she got canned over it.

THIS ^^^

you can make a second try

This +1

he have steem power... lol

Haha this is to funny, she must have been high on some shit

I'm not American, but I don't think peeing on a national flag is anything close to OK. It's not about the physical act, it's about the message, and the message is disrespect towards a nation as a national flag is mostly a symbol of the nation. If a person doesn't like a certain aspect(s) of a country, its politics, economomis, culture or anything else, they should focus on expressing their dislike towards that specific topic/person. Peeing on a flag does say one thing: "I have no idea what I really want to say but I'll just do that for the sake of 5 minutes of fame" and this doesn't change anything for the good.
I rest my case

I agree with your point on disrespecting a nation by peeing on a flag and doing it only for fame, but it is still not ok to threaten someone and placing a bounty on their head for such a childish act. People shouldn't overreact so hard.

National flags are the symbol of a CULTure, burn them all!

CULTure, lol like that one

I'm totally gonna steal that typo. @economommy FTW!

:D yea @economommy FTW!

Thank you SIRevention. What the Frick happened to dignity.

I will agree that it was a degenerate act.

Nothing is perfect.

It is so disgusting. It is an animal act. She receives more than million views. In fact its so disgusting that everyone want to view this animal act. I think anyone voting for her is animal like her

What if the certain aspect of the country she disliked was the flag in particular and loved everything else?


Its trolling... and pretty boring trolling at this point. There's not even a statement involved.

"America sucks. Fuck America!"

cool lady. go contribute to society and put your pants on. we dont give a fuck.


Hypocrisy Alert ,
I'm confused Jeff, yesterday (Independence Day) you and others were selling the idea that it was silly to celebrate being a slave, or being proud to reside in such a corrupt country. How flying or waving our flag and celebrating the event is just insanity because of what it represents today.

First of all Independence day is a celebration of the U.S. independence from king George, it has nothing to do with what we have become, maybe someday we'll have a second American revolution to celebrate.

Today you tell us that the flag is nothing more than a colored piece of cloth, and can be used for whatever purpose desired.

I'm happy for your new found freedom in Mexico, I noticed that your dogs are also very free. they can crap wherever they feel like and your free not to clean up after them. Sounds like utopia.

Should do it outside. That flag can siphon pee all over the place

With that contraption she's likely a floor pisser to begin with.


Its really sad thing that she pee on national flag, you are right she surly brainwashed by someone and its may terrorist or their supporter who do brainwash of people. One thing is clear that she didn't have heart otherwise she not did this. It happened to here in india and they got strong punishment because its related to nation so she must deserve to punishment. I don't care how much money she made from view or how many people have seen it but its really wrong thing

Got 100% upvote from me, bro!

You sound brainwashed man?

Yeah may be someone brainwash her by telling negative things in her mind and ask them to do that kind of thing because its really weird thing and its look shame on her that she not giving respect to her own country. There are so many people who doing brainwash of people who easily believe them and transfer negativeness in thr

You sound like you went to public school?

Shame on her????

I solute her for peeing on that piece of shit US Flag!

You sound like you never went to school?

Why do you follow Jeff government troll?

i dont care if some girl peed on the flag. shes just trolling, and so is berwick.

but reading these comments, you're a straight up sycophant.

Would you not say a Tyrant is someone who kills another just because he is told to? that's a soldier/vet

You say I was a GreenBeret in a previous life = WAR MONGER!

you think you have a voice here??

ANYONE THAT WOULD SAY "Unconventional Warfare is one of my happy places" IS THE SYCOPHANT!


Hope to meet you some day to give your head a shake. :)

Our flag honors those who have fought to protect it, and is a reminder of the sacrifice of our nation's founders and heroes. As the ultimate icon of America's storied history, the Stars and Stripes represents the very best of this nation.

God Bless the US

Amen. Respect to all those that serve and all the sacrifices those have made to allow someone like her to just spit back in their faces.
I guess it just comes with the territory that some are just not simply grateful.

God Bless the US!

The whole reason why I served is so that people would continue to have the right to do what that girl did. You can't have it both ways.

And that's why you've been at war for 200 years and are the most reviled country in the world.

lol, like how the early settlers so kindly shared the land they didn't own with those who technically did own it? I supposed they also deserve our unquestioning respect?

I have no problem honoring the lives that soldiers have lived (as the human beings that they are), but I will not honor any of the killing they do in the name of the american flag or in the name of this false pretense we call Freedom in this land.

We're decedents of murderers and thieves, so I guess we should be proud, eh?

I will be proud to be part of this country when it starts truly being great and shows that it actually cares about the betterment of the human race as a whole and not its own personal power/monetary agendas.

every human is descendants of murderers and thieves. we should be trying to improve, not piss on the past just because 'were better than those idiots'.

More people have been killed in the last 70 or 40 or 20 years under that flag then any other! To the point 2nd place is nowhere close! I fully respect your right to be a delusional person @photographyideas (good luck with that)

LOL, Now that is funny!

God bless US


Uh..couldn't peing on a piece of cloth and then uploading it for the world to see be considered 'her' the one brainwashed? She hates her Country that bad that she takes the most honored representation of that Country and pees on it? And she's not the brainwashed?

Well it's bold move and can be done on not just the U.S flag, but on many flags. The people of many nations are but cattle to their leaders. Just exist to generate tax dollars to pay their neverending debt to the reserve banks. We pay for their mistakes.

Now I am not saying that they owe us anything. But at the very least set us free and stop using us.

The greatest line I have ever read on Steemit:

"If seeing this video of a girl peeing on a piece of cloth with colors on it made in China upsets you, you may be brainwashed. Seek help immediately"

Followed :)

Great read. I still find it funny how people can be so patriotic and loyal to a country that does not care about them. Her reactions got me ready to make a video taking a crap on the flag and I'm a Navy veteran. I still can't believe I was dumb enough to sign up to fight and defend a country that won't do the same for me. I'm not going to make it a race issue but I hate when I see African Americans who have the flags flying in they yard and those who are all about defending a country that doesn't have they interest. To avoid getting into trouble, I just avoid these type of people cause I don't bite
My tongue not do I tolerate any disrespect from anyone. Think about it when 9-11-2001 happened the whole United States came together as a whole to cope with the tragic events. Fast forward a few years when hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans, most was denied help for several days if not weeks simply because it happen to those that the country careless about.

Open your eyes people, we are all human beings and all deserve to be treated equally as the other regardless of ones race, religion, or social economic status.

Continue providing informative blogs like this. Thanks for the good read 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

The sacrifice of the magic, made in china cloth was a bit over the top. Thought provoking or just provocation? You get more flies with honey. I think there are better ways to break through to statist. The GMO/FLUORIDE heads still believe, men(some related) died for that flag. Love unites, anger divides.

Your a smart man, I will shit on that flag with you.

What a joke, reading all these STATE supporters here on jeffs blog...

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

I'd rather be respectful then Ignorant

If you buy shit with federal reserve notes you are brainwashed
so all these people don't use the dollar
I doubt that.

@%*# a flag! Stop using the dollar and i will respect your position
till then you are brainwashed.

Oh you use food stamps

Just sayin......Whole Foods still ain't taking crypto hand. Love the passion though.

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

I grow a large part of my food.

Try my best not to use the dollar.
Not saying its easy but its the most effective way to be an anarchist. In my opinion.

Struggle Is what the body needs. Growing food is as natural as breathing, all be it, tough, like breathing with asthma. I am a huge fan and I'm a ranch kid. I no longer live in the country but my parents still run a small cattle operation and I was raised in a very self sufficient home, large gardens, chickens and gathering cattle horseback. I was a cowboy on the Osage Reservation for the early years of professional life before taking up welding as a career. For me, I like grocery stores and living close to town but I get your choice. Well played

Your going to respect them?????
I will stay with my heart and be Honest/ Call that Ignorant, so be it?

"I still find it funny how people can be so patriotic and loyal to a country that does not care about them." DAMN STRAIGHT. I'm with you.

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

A country is made up of people. A country is not capable of caring about anything. It is the people within it that are capable of caring....

We live in a world where the enslaved masses stand up and fight for the same system that got them to be a slave in the first place. Its high time we realize the real agenda of the elites behind promoting a sense of patriotism. Patriotism is just a tool used by the authority to protect its own power and crumble away any attempts of reformation.

I don't understand why people get upset at this type of thing, either, and I served my country and was deployed to Iraq.

Here's the deal: America is supposed to be built on principles on freedom of speech, religion, and expression. If that's really true, then there should be no reason for anyone to get upset when another person, such as this young lady, is exercising her rights to such.

I was a very naive individual when I joined the Army National Guard in September of 2001, just 2 weeks after 9/11. In my previous brainwashed state, I thought that I was doing my duty as an American, and that every able bodied young American should follow suit.

How foolish I was... It wasn't until I was in Iraq for a few weeks that I started to understand that America isn't always in the right, and just because some entitled asshole who calls himself "president" declares it's the right thing to do doesn't make it the right thing to do.

I ended up coming to the conclusion that many other enlightened Americans have. The whole thing was about energy, particularly black gold (oil), and economic stimulus. A few "good old boys" got rich, while a lot of young men and women got killed and physically and mentally maimed. We didn't belong in Iraq, and I have my doubts about whether or not we should have set foot in Afghanistan. I'm not going to go as far to as to say that the WTC bombing was an "inside job," because I don't have any proof of that, and I've learned not to believe anything if I don't have concrete, indisputable proof. However, I wouldn't put it past some of the people who held power at the time.

The point I'm trying to make is that it's a little bit hypocritical for people to blast someone for exercising the rights they hold as an American.

So she took a piss on the flag? What's the big deal?

Now if she pissed in your Cheerios, I could understand you being a little bit upset. Although, after reading some of the comments people made here, I don't think everyone would be upset at that :)

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This just might not be the place for me! Since that flag is one of the reasons we are not all part of the Third Reich, were any person other then white would have been enslaved or murdered by now! The flag is not just a piece of cloth, it should be respected by all nations of the world. Though were are far from perfect, anywhere in the world you are standing right now YOU SHOULD THANK GOD OR WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE IN FOR THE US!!!!! If not for the US this world would not be the same and a lot worse off for a lot of people out there! So, I am out just another brainwashed american! The country that have come to every nations defenses in not 1, but 2 world wars! You would think it was fine for someone to pee on a koran, it is just paper, I don't think that would be right and see the outrage with that one! It is not our fault if you have people that love the country they were born! It is not just cloth!!!

You do know Russia was mainly responsible for winning WWII and France and Britain were mostly responsible for winning WWI? In both cases when the US got involved Germany was already losing. Don't believe me, look it up. As for the flag urination, it is just a piece of cloth, and while her attitude is not to be applauded I don't think it is such a big deal, during the Vietnam war students burned flags, and probably some of them are now mad because this girl peed on one.

Hell's bells. American companies like Standard Oil made big bucks off the German war machine

Russia was getting attacked in WW2 the weather beat the German army in Russia, not Russia! Also, we did not have a dog in the European Front, they didn't have to do anything they could have just stayed in the Pacific and got that done a lot quicker!

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

Russia lost an estimated 20 million people, they were responsible for decimating the German army, if you say it was the weather ok, but that's not what people who have studied the war say, Hitler screwed up, he attacked the one country he shouldn't have, just like Napoleon. As for not having a dog in Europe, you didn't have one in Iraq either, and yet there you are.

I am talking about ww2 and that is it! Vietnam and the gulf wars are mistakes in my view. I was just talking about ww2 which if not for our help, there would not have been any gulf states, because after he got done with the jews, he would have went straight to the gulf states and did the same! Russia was BEING ATTACKED!!!!!!! That is why 20 million Russians died!

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

Yes, and they beat the crap out of the German army, that is why they lost 20 million people. You could read up on hte battles of Kursk, Stalingrad etc. After this the allies just cleaned up.

I guess you are missing my point, if the shoe was on the other foot and we were getting besieged and losing up to 20 million civilians, would Russia have come to our aid? I think not!

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

I know this is just wasting both of our times, but the US didn't actually help the Russians fight, they did it themselves, I have read many books about them, they had a really hard time, and I find it funny and sad that hardly anyone even admits that it was they who beat the Germans.
Now I do think this post has gotten too many answers for being about a girl who peed on a flag, maybe she was just real drunk.

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

You bought all the lies didn't ya! ROFL.

In hitler's books, he always stated that the US would be natural allies to germany due to ideological compatibility, and his ideas came from an american man named Francis Bellamy and his cousin Edward Bellamy. Francis bellamy wrote the pledge of allegiance and edward wrote books on Christian Socialism (National Socialism).

Indeed we are the Nazis ... absolutely great documentary. It all makes perfect sense.


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i guess jeff can never loose an argument

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You're a beauty human being Jeff. Please keep waking them up :) We need you!


Absolutely Disgusting and Disgraceful!!!!

Some people have no idea what that Flag represents and those that gave all in sacrifice for these people to do such disgraceful stuff!

upvote from me!

I'm glad I don't follow you.

Slaves or Moron's gave their lives for that CULT flag!

You can't fault those that don't know any better, though. I feel for those that fought in the wars for the right reasons. They thought they were doing the right thing, and you can't judge them for that. :)

There has never been a War for the right reason.

A soldier never thinks(thought) not to kill he follows orders.

I judge anyone that can kill a child and say I was just following orders is a coward and should be hung.

oh he can judge and he will.
he doesn't know and/or