Meek Mill Type Beat 2020 - "Test Me" Trap Instrumental With Hook

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This is my latest Intense Trap Beat With Hook called "Test Me". It's kind of a mix of trap music with a female EDM vocal hook. The build-up to the hook is pretty cool. I can hear a Meek Mill type beat with this beat with the fast nature of the drums.

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The music is interesting but for my taste it is something repetitive. I love the female vocal hook because it offers a touch of sensuality and mystery. Regards @coincerberus

I agree with you, but space is meant for a rap artist to rap over? I could brought the hook in after 12 bars instead of 16 feels a bit too long? Thanks

That it's called being a professional and learn the trade. You're right!

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Hi coincerberus,

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hi dear @coincerberus, great sound;)) thanks for sharing your music and congratulations on your work

Thanks for listening to I really appreciate it.

Good music, nice this rhythm with your drums, this good to move the hips. I congratulate you on your good work and curie vote. Greetings

Thanks, I appreciate that you took the time to listen to my work