Sven Väth - still perfect in 2021 and 2022

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Er will feiern, der geilste deutsche Techno DJ

Ein geiles Werk von Sven von / für Cocoon Club und die weltweite Techno Community, eventuell ein Zeichen, dass. nach / trotz Corona "Feiern" möglich wird - auf jeden Fall hat der Meister wieder eine Studioproduktion am Start.

(Albania 2021)

Met him, talked to him, watched him and loved his shows since 1986

This Frankfurt guy is a legend, and one of the view pioneers of techno that never stopped to re-einvent themselves - i was not a dedicated fan in his early days i have to admit but I was deep diving in his sounds and concept after a while. I learned his music always was well-thought, a brainy masterpiece in series. He became popular in Germany by some strange chart successes like "Electrica Salsa" where I thought who is this idiot that sings in languages he is not able to control - but even n these "poor" songs his magical mxi skills turned up.

I was surprised later on to see (hey that was the time where no mobile / smartphones and no internet was invented jsut for the record of you young folks) he opend up a music (techno) club in Frankfurt, called The Omen, where he DJed and played Techno music - since I was aware of this I became a frequent, nearly weekly, visitor of his club in Frankfurt.

First solo album since 20 years and tour dates

If anyone wants to meet him go to Denver (US), Italy, Switzlerand, Croatia or try to get hold of him at home in Germany - here some details on his tour: - his new album ‘Catharsis’ will be available in 3 weeks (February 25) - also the 50th album of his Cocoon Recordings company, guess who will buy it?

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hast mich mit deinem post

Das freut mich aber, wo hab ich Dich hingebracht :-)

na,mitgenommen auf die techno reise :-)