It was always George Soros VS Donald Trump - The actors on stage were just sock-puppets, including Hillary Clinton!

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George Soros has been running America since who knows for how long, as a destructive billionaire however, he has never taken the time to actually run for president himself, that position is below him and why even bother when you have a small army of sock-puppets to do the job for you?

Profit is profit - Either you create value or you destroy value

Some people make money going LONG, Invest and build nice things. Others make money going SHORT, make money when the markets crashes and care nothing about the social consequences for the everyday people. And George Soros is the latter, however he is not your "everyday people" - he is a convicted felon in France, he has destroyed economies and countries by manipulation before and up until recently he had his grip on America, but the nation woke up just in a nick of time to save their republic.

If you were born after 2001 you have seen nothing but war, moral decline and corruption

Yes, we had a nice bubble before it burst in 2008 and created the biggest recession since the great depression. Hyper-inflation, stocks were good, dividend were great - until it was not.

Soros made his billions over the years by manipulating the dollar market, and actually caused the crash of an Eastern European nation. He made hundreds of billions by shorting the Pound in England and then driving it down, almost crashing England at the time. Soros made hundreds of millions betting against the Greek economy and helped it crash read more

Soros is an endless train-wreck of failed states and failed economies that he with his network of sock-puppets in high places have been able to destroy viciously from his offshore-companies not regulated by anybody - and he wants to keep it that way.

Is it really that easy to f*ck up the world? Yes!

If you have enough capital at your disposal, you can practically do whatever you want on the market. At the moment George Soros is reported to sit on 4 million S&P500 Shares short - if you are not a trader this makes no sense to you - but in round numbers - He is about 8 Billion dollars invested in the collapse of the US Stock-Market, and that is no conspiracy-theory.

So forget about Red-States and Blue-States, as I have stated before - Politics does not exist - Power-Consolidation however does exist, but instead of a Billionaire behind the scene as George Soros has been behind Obama, Bush and Bill Clinton in the past - You have Donald Trump now - In Front - and George Soros know that he cannot buy him off - they are not even the same type of billionaires.

Donald likes to build things - George likes to destroy things

So at the end of the day - the vote stood between going LONG on America or going SHORT on America, and since the people voted for the guy that likes to build things, well - guess what the guy who likes to destroy things did?

Yes, he really pay people $15/hour to protest "NotMyPresident" and he is using all of the non-profit organizations he has paid for over the years to do it for him in one hell of a recruitment to rapidly raise hell in the USA - and that is no conspiracy theory either.

The election is over - Trump won - What kind of horrible plans do you think Soros have in plans for him?

Now, here is the section for conspiracy-theories, and if you come up with something good - please share it in the comment field below. I have no idea what George Soros have planned for Donald Trump, but I have heard some suggestions that the Whitehouse could be rigged with nuclear weapons to detonate when Trump takes office - Others have suggested that he will be taken out by a sniper as was done with John F. Kennedy. Trump is definitely a target and should be taking extreme measures in his own security in Washington where he is surrounded by enemies with secret identities loyal to the beast that feeds them - George Soros.

Disclaimer: I am a Norwegian Viking who has travelled in 55 countries around the world and I have not voted in the US Presidential election nor any other political elections in the past. I don´t believe in politics, political systems or oppositional organizations who only serve as street, stage, radio, tv or internet-theater for the masses to protect the identity of the "true" power behind the power of government.

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Ya puppets of the PTB soon to be PTW

  ·  6 years ago (edited)

"George Soros, in a way, is Donald Trump without the humility."

Haha. Just funny to say. If people don't like Trump, they should really dislike Soros...

"The Suppressed 60 Minutes George Soros Video"

Very glad you found that video and posted it @krnel, a very important insight. I watched it yesterday, will watch it again.

If Trump is actually against George Soros why:

  1. Did Trump appoint Steve Mnuchen as his financial adviser, the same Steve Mnuchen who is a Soros Employee?

  2. Why did George Soros give Trump a $160 Million Dollar bailout loan to help build Trump Tower in Chicago? Why when Trump was running did he not default the loan if he is "so against Trump"?

  3. Why is Trump and Soros listed as business partners in multiple lawsuits including the one in New York vs the GM Plant?

  4. Will you take the Trump Pledge?

They all serve the same agenda..Allllll!!!!!

Wow grabbing at straws! Enjoy your small window of conspiracy elitism because Trump will prove you wrong. Corbett takes an extremely patronising and condescending tone in his 'Trump pledge'.

Grabbing at straws = me rofl at your butthurt. Great ad hominem argument lolz.

Trump appointing the same group of Goldman Sach's Soros connected Neo Cons. 2 days ago Trump said he would appoint Steve Mnuchin as his Treasury Secretary. Link

Then there is the long history of connections that has never been explained between Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, the pedophile trafficker...

But don't let facts bother you, just call me a "conspiracy theorist" if that helps you sleep at night all tucked into your Trump jammies made in Mexico lulz.

Trump never denied he was an insider, the loan was real estate business, nothing to do with the election or his presidency, we will wait and see what appointments he makes...You call yourself a conspiracy theorist? If you were you would know that the Trump/Epstein connection was a smear to associate him with the real crimes being investigated in pizzagate. Keep up

A smear rofl, did you just read one article involving the Epstein Trump connection? What you read the first three articles on a google search rofl.

If there is no "connection" to Epstein why is Trump constantly suing people to get his name removed from articles involving Epstein, why did Melania and his daughter visit Little Saint Jeff countless times? Why do you want so hard to believe that Trump is not connected when any actual research into the subject shows there is a connection there. Why shouldn't Trump be investigated as thoroughly as Clinton for the same thing, oh I know because you are a Trump fan boy and you have a confirmation bias that Trump is actually a decent person.

Dude that 2002 quote from the Donald about Epstein sounds like he is blowing the whistle on it fourteen years ago!

info wars

As for Pizza Gate, what are you doing to help with that? Oh yeah nothing, while I am thoroughly investigating that, and already have a video with over 1000 views on the subject. Don't try to educate me on anything. Either help or get out of the way.

DJT doesn't want to investigate Hillary, in fact he thanked her for her service and has said nothing about prosecuting her since he won. DJT won't do a damn thing about PizzaGate or anything else. Just watch.

I will follow you because you seem to be one of the few that understand the truth.
Trump was selected by the same money powers that selected Hitlery. No matter who won they won! Same old shit different day!

So why does DJT want Hillary investigated if he is connected to it?

Lots of the pizzagate sleuths are Trump supporters you know

This video can be countered with info wars.

info wars

I look on with wonder from as great a distance as possible at some of these characters that appear to run the globe.

While many are entranced by their fame and would like to shake their hand or get an autograph, my feelings of revulsion make me hope I'm never in the same room with them. In fact, I find it uncomfortable to be on the same planet.

Perhaps it's uncharitable, but I find myself wondering if hell can burn hot enough.... :(

Thank you for your interesting post!

(With appreciation, from a new follower)

Thank you for a great comment @creatr - I tend to agree with you about the discomfort of sharing the planet with people who want to rule over us like we were nothing but cattle.


BTW, I discovered your fine article yesterday - you know, the one you wrote for me?

I hope you'll have a few minutes to read the post I spammed you with there.... ;) :)

Soros is a scourge on mankind... the question is why is he still around? Why didn't Russia (or countless others) complete the story?

I think that is the real story.

Yeah @kyusho - why is he still around... He has been protected by the people he has corrupted with his money. And now he is so old that he only have a short time to live until his expiration date kicks in.

My bet would be on assassination, several truth seekers and people who could have made a impact have been...disposed of in the past 50 years because of economics on a global scale.

If voting changed anything it would be illegal.
Emma Goldman 1902

we fight that and 1913 Federal Reserve and Rothschild


I've been hearing a lot about Soros from some prophetic type Christian ministers and others who have never been known for being well informed. I got the distinct feeling most if not all of those criticizing him don't really know much about him, just like most criticizing Islam don't know much about it. So I decided to do some research about him to find out just why this guy is such a threat to humanity and discovered he supports several things that I support, like taking care of refugees who come to America, something I've been involved with for decades. I looked through the many non-profits he supports and found several that I support, including human rights organizations. I found this article to give some balancing considerations which just might show he ain't as bad as people make him out to be - kind of a mixed bag, some good and some bad, just like Trump and numerous other influential people:

Trump can bankrupt a casino last I checked tho lmao
Which is actually impressive

Sounds like a runner up for the antichrist...? He's also got the ear of Canada small potatoes.

Trump had over 500 companies. Trump is helping people.


  ·  5 years ago (edited)

Good article to be sure!
I have never understood why Soros has not been "taken out behind the chemical shed and shot"
V for Vendetta.
He and his cronies have committed so many crimes over the years.
I know that our PM Trudeau and Soros are in bed together and he wants to flood Canada with Muslim immigrants and destabilize the country.
There is something I don't trust about globalists and their agendas.
The Donald is no mans fool and I would not be surprised if Soros is on his "hit list" when it comes to draining the swamp.
I would like nothing more than to see Soros lose his billions on some scheme that backfires on this evil piece of shit!
I hope all of them and their ilk end up in Gitmo!

Its true that soros may have lost but donald trump is on the side of the zionists and the military industrial complex.

same stuff I was saying going into the primary's with black lives matter, he was funneling money to them to tear down society because he stood to benifit on financing a new America or moving his cash to a growing nation like China. I would bet he knows the market in china is not going to be as easy to manipulate and doesn't want america to fall, just trip a bit for his benifit. Good post.

You raise some interesting point, although I don't agree with several of them. But I do agree with what you say about destroying economies ruins lives. Upvoted you.