State Medical Care Coming to the USA, People Flee to Mexico

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I recently had the opportunity to sit down in a beautiful park in Mexico City with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert to talk on their radio show Double Down which airs on Sputnik.

We talked a lot about cryptocurrencies and got into many issues with regard to Mexico including how much freer it is than in the US. How many misperceptions there are about Mexico driven by US propaganda.

And how many Americans have been fleeing the US to much freer Mexico for medical and dental care.

You can watch or listen to the full episode here:

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Playing Games in 90's

Hi everyone! We need your help and support through your upvotes for my friend's father medication.

Plot twist: Mexicans actually build that wall to keep Americans away xD

This video always cracks me up:

I really hate this video because fyi this president still loots about 2 million usd per year from mexican taxpayers, he doesn't speak proper english even though his education should have been superior, anyways sine we're a little ahead of information resources i dont think this video is a bit funny.

But yeah i get my teeth pro cleaned for 4 dollars

South Park Canadial Wann.jpg

They won't have to worry about me coming there. I despise Mexico.

I have been saying the same thing for awhile now. I believe there will be a time and Americans will be the problem illegally crossing the border to Mexico. ;o)

That's not too far fetched LOL

Isn't that how Texas came to be ?
Mexican president Bustamante outlawed the immigration of United States citizens to Texas in 1830.

Honestly , for some Hispanic families living New Mexico, California, Arizona and Texas. they did not cross the border, the American border moved across their home.

LOL yeah better watch out for that moving border... before you know it will cross into your back yard and then take over your house.

This hype would be just like what some celebrities told if President Trump got elected! No one left USA!
This has a similar rhyme, no one will leave USA eventually ....

I like it!

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I think Dollar Virgil will accomplish something that has NEVER been done in the history of the markets. He is on track to generate 2 consecutive 30% selloffs in an asset priced over $1000 in a matter of weeks. Even Jim Cramer never accomplished that feat. This could not only be will be hysterical if it actually happens. Still waiting to see if bitcoin will break belowst $2000 after his most recent "champagne and cigar" celebration. His spew prior to Memorial Day worked like a charm to create that dumpf.

Even i am waiting for bitcoin to break below 2000$.I have 9000$ to invest and buy steem for it so still holding on to it. What are your views for it ?

My view is that the entire asset class is sheer fantasy and that it will become harder and harder for "buy and hold" type people to generate a gain buying and holding bitcoin. Dollar Virgil will continue to celebrate every move higher with champagne and cigar spews. You should sell when he does that. I'm not sure what his "standard" buy signal is yet becuz at teh low during Memeorial Day weekend (Bitcoin $1880) Jeffey was out getting Starbux up his ass. So he definitely was not saying >>> "buy the pullback!" Jeff will need to learn to be a great trader from this day forward I imagine. He had it too easy and like with his first tech adventure during teh 2000 tech bubble...he got lucky then too. He happened to be in the right place at the right time. He fukked that up. He'll fukk bitcoin up too. As I said, Dollar Virgil is "the" poster boi for the bitcoin bubble. That's what I think. I also track the price via sentiment indicators being generated by the real market in bitcoin every day. Follow along at my blog if you'd like.

Hey like if I marry a Mexican girl, do I get citizenship in Mexico? Any takers?

No. You need to go through a long process.

Berwick keep doing your thing brother! Amazing to watch your transformation unfolding daily. :)

The propaganda is real in the USA! But we all know they made a law legalizing it!

The wall will be used to keep people in, no doubt about it.

Thats what i was thinking also. its to keep us from fleeing to mexico when things really hit the fan and theres total collapse.

I totally agree. They have already built a virtual wall for Americans trying to leave and relocate which makes living offshore very difficult. Think FACTA and other laws.

WRONG, no really we want all the morons to leave now... they just don't get the picture and take the chance to leave.

Haha you are sooo right!

Thanks Jeff for another great interview. Always love to hear what you have to say. Take care and see you at Anarchapulco in February...

Love it!

a lot of entrepreneurs in Mexico, and I also think there will be a time when the Americans will try to cross to Mexico, america getting more dangerous.

Thank you for creating these videos. They provide a perspective that is much needed with the way the world is heading.

Thank goodness this isn't happening here in the United States.

Jeff, the mainstream media in the US has reported that up to 25 percent of the medications available in Mexico are counterfeit and substandard. Is counterfeiting a problem there for pharmaceuticals or is that just more fake news?

In Mexico there are many similar medicines, they are medicines that your patent is free after a few years and other laboratories manufacture them at a lower price, provided you buy medicines in regulated farms will be no problem.

thank you for your comment. :-)

100% fake news. How else can they justify such a ridiculous difference in price? Just as an example: Lisinopril, a common drug that lower blood pressure, quantity of 30, $276 in the US (with a prescription), $50 pesos in Mexico, $2.73 USD (1 USD =18.31 pesos today). And honestly much better if you don't take any pill (high blood pressure is very common in the US, too often a result of other pharma drugs downside effects).

Thank you the information. I had no idea the price difference was so big!

Great interview, Jeff, keep them coming.

Thanks for the post Jeff. I never use Canadian or US doctors.

After Anarchapulco 2017 Conference I had a missing mouler and cleaning done at the local dentist there.
He spoke great english and the appointment took 40min's for only $130US dollars.
Back home it would have cost at least $1000

Save your money go or move to Mexico!

You should do a post about that! ps the machine gun post was funny as F#ck! LOL

I have a question that's a little off-topic but relevant as I had been pondering relocating to Mexico long before I discovered @dollarvigilante and I realize Jeff is probably too busy to reply to me. But maybe someone else on the ground there can provide insight. I live on the outskirts of Taipei, Taiwan and I deal with hate every time I walk out the door because I'm Caucasian. This is just evil, jealous, inferiority complex based hate. And I am fluent in the local language, so I can understand the negative things they say about me. I'm wondering, is there a lot of hate towards foreigners in Mexico? An answer to this question might aid me in my thoughts about relocating there. I have 17 years of experience as an ESL teacher and could probably get a job there if I decided to relocate.

I am Mexican and something that we Mexicans have is the warmth to receive people while everyone lives peacefully that is the best, here in Mexico and all kinds of people not only the classic stereotype of Mexican, short and moreno, there is a lot of diversity, Even I have a friend is half North American and half Mexican, Mexico's problem is more focused on corruption and inefficiency of the government to control the problems of drug violence.

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply!

I have lived here 20 years and I never felt a lot of "hate". There is always going to be some haters around of course. But it is not something I experience regularly. The people around me have mostly been courteous and polite. You should come on vacation and check it out!

Thanks for the reply! I drove from L.A. to the tip of Baja once back in the 80's, might have to plan another visit.

There is no hate towards foreigners, at least the crime in here is not related to that so its ok, were actually very welcoming since we need to be cultured a lot.

Mexico is one of the places we're looking to retire to. Regarding "healthcare," there is no healthcare in the mainstream medical system here in the US. It's sick care. Nobody is cured of anything. People are put on pills/drugs for life and told to "manage" their disease. Then they're put on more drugs to "manage" the side effects of the original drugs. Everyone is so (prescription) drugged here, it's criminal. And, they're allowed to drive on the roads with all those drugs in their bodies. Pharmaceutical corporations and chemical corporations in conjunctin with junk food companies including the meat and dairy industries run America and make damn sure people stay diseased.

The people here need to be accountable, too. Why do they willingly pop all those pills? Why do they medicate their children? Why do they listen to doctors who are puppets for the pharmaceutical industry instead of doing their own research? I wonder if that complacency, that willingness to give up one's own power over their health, is pervasive in America only?

I hear ya. My father was, in effect, euthanized in a hospital in California simply because they didn't want to deal with his illness, Clostridium Difficile Colitis, which is curable, but nonetheless, curable. While he was in a medically induced comatic state (morphine, and more and more morphine), they simply stopped feeding him and giving him fluids. That's how they killed him, murdered him.

I'm sorry to hear that. It's terrible. The only way I can make sense of these things is that they happened for us to learn from or to wake us up. But, that's not so easy to see or feel in the beginning after the tragedy happens.

Well said sister!

Leave/Get out of the US while you can! before the wall. Ask any German why?

I've got about 6 more years before I can leave. If I knew in my twenties what I know now, I would have left a long time ago.

Hello @weq,
Why 6 more years??
The time is now while the getting out is good.

I know....It's not that simple, though. I have two teenagers. My husband has vested 20 years into a career for which he will receive a pension that he invested in. A pension is no guarantee, I understand that. But, financially speaking waiting out the 6 years makes more sense.

Sorry to say but in 6 yrs a pension will be worthless.
Your kids are better off learning from the Internet then schools.
Soon, you will not have a choice to leave the US as my grandparents found out the hard way in Germany.
best of luck to you.

Thank you.

Yep, the objective is to make as much money out of you before you die. They don't care about your quality of life or how long you live either.

Their goal seems to want to destroy our quality of life! They don't want people living long lives. Then, they'd have to pay them social security for too long. That's why they keep scaring old people into getting the flu and pneumonia vaccines.

  ·  6 years ago (edited)

My father has heart problems. They've billed him thousands of dollars for surgery, etc. but not one doctor has talked to him about changing his diet. He keeps having heart problems. I wonder why.

My mother got cancer, and they did the typical chemo treatment that killed her. Her doctor wouldn't even allow her to take vitamin C with rose hips. She keep eating her high table sugar diet until the end though.

There's no money to be made off healthy people.

Chemo and radiation killed my mom, too. She died about 3 and half years ago and, I'm sure you can relate, life is forever changed. We can teach those who will listen.

My mom's oncologist would not "allow" vitamin C or medical marijuana. My mom basically starved to death because the chemo killed her appetite. I know marijuana would have helped her. Neither she nor my dad pushed the issue with the oncologist. They just listened to him, thought he knew best. I don't know how these oncologists live with themselves because they know that chemo and radiation is killing people. On top of that, they get kick-backs for prescribing chemo. It's insane.

I know you that you know if the doctors told your dad how to eat healthfully (I don't even think most doctors know what true nutrition is) then they would make no money performing surgeries. Like you said, there is no money in healthy people.

Simon Black who runs the Sovereign Man blog indicated the value of multiple citizenships. Coupled with the crypto movement, they seem to go hand in hand from avoiding detection and subsequently, confiscation. As you move from fiat, having a multifaceted method of travel would be advisable.

  ·  6 years ago (edited)

People fleeing to Mexico for health care!

Thanks for the recent news and videos.

Its the grey Aliens that run America black shadow government !
They dont want any Americans to leave because they use them
as a shield against the wrath of the Creator Gods who are in charge over this planet earth because they are about to return soon and will execute
those evil dark forces who hijacked this planet! the mission control center
of the greys are area 5ty one and dulce underground cities you guys are all brain washed and
mind controlled !!! wake up folks get out of the u.s
before its to late !

The big difference between US and Mexico is that Mexicans do not trust their government because their governement has been always corrupt and inefficient. They have always known that it is better to think to solve the problems for themselves.

US citizens in general are more naive and think that their government will protect them forever. It it better that they wake up soon in mass considering that their governement is insolvent. It is vey probable that we will see many secessions between the different States of US in the next years.
Decentralization is the answer if you want to save yourselves from ever increasing dictatorial powers... ;-)

I agree FU to the US government and run to Mexico.

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The united states has been going on a downward trend for the past 20 years. It's only a matter of time before we burst into flames and burn to the ground.👎

People have said that since 1940

Probably even before that. haha

And its been slowly happening. Just a matter of time

Hey, more ashes for me.

Healthcare in the US is deplorable.


hhh maybe now they shoudnt really build the wall between USA and Mexico

Woww woww the political


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Ugggh, I was the 666th up vote, this can't be good! The United States better do something quick about healthcare before it destroys the middle class.

No doubt that Mexico beats the USSA in health care!

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Will you be featured on the “Keiser Report” again, @dollarvigilante?

It is so interesting to know that there is an alternative to Obama care /Trump mis care. Medical expenses in America is humongous, my wife is retired and her medical bill is out of the roof, at present she is going through terrible hip pain and thinking about an hip replacement, she just did a MRI down in Florida and it cost over $3,000 US. She just couldn't believe it's that expensive because in about 2003 MRI was for about $1,300. We have known about Cuba, but it is a hassle getting there. learning about Mexico it's very exciting and something I'm going to tell her to look into. Thanks a lot for that important and exciting information.

Great interview!

I watch them on RUPTLY.. :) kool guys..

You can watch them on youtube in english and espanol:

Make sure to write more! Loved it

I live in Mexico. The medical care is atrocious. All my Mexican family and friend fly to the States to receive medical care. I love Mexico and the Mexican people but tell people how it is @dollarvigilante and do not mislead them.

Hi Jordan, what else should people who are considering leaving to go there take into consideration?

It is a third world country @breaie. There is not access to things like in the states. When fruits and vegetables are in season and local they are cheap and taste great. But everything else is expensive. All imported products are very expensive.

There is also no sense of justice as there is in the States. If a service is not delivered well, and most of the time it is not, you have to deal with it.

For example a friend just had flooring installed in their child's room. The person doing the installation made a cut in the middle of the newly installed floor cutting through to the new flooring. Leaving a huge mark on the floor. That parents had to accept that. Would never happen in the States.

Before making a move like this come visit for three months. Also a resort town is easier to transition into of course because there are other foreigners around.

Thanks for the reply. I've seen that mentality here in Dallas area from people that came from Mexico. Makes sense.

I guess all the stuff I read on international living is just hype. They claim the cost of living is way cheaper for everything. Me personally, I truly don't know. I'm a single woman and have to take personal safety as a priority.

  ·  6 years ago (edited)

It depends what hospital you're willing to pay but there are good hospitals here, its called medical tourism it leaves major capital where i live, i think the best thing to do is knowing the right people. And third world is an outdated word,there is a lot of development perfect for people like you trying to live better.

wow its amazing

Mexico free? Propaganda by American govt? It is difficult to buy.

Yes, it is difficult to buy. It shows how lethal and efficent the brainwash-programming works in America. You don't need to buy anything. All you need is come here and find out yourself. It's free.

Fantastic I watch the Keizer report every Tuesday and Thursday sometimes on Saturday great program loved it when they were over here in the uk 🇬🇧. Cheers mike

Informative post ! Thank you so much for your effort !!

Great post, watching the video now. Happy 4th of July!

  ·  6 years ago (edited)

Top 10 safest places to be during the dollar collapse:
Tuvalu, New Zealand, Bhutan, Chilie, Iceland, Denmark, Greenland, Malta, Ireland and Fiji. With Fiji being the #1 safest place. Thank me later :D

It is a terrible thing that people have go to other countries in order take care of themselves. Sad

Depemding where you are, which television you watch, which newspaper is in you hands; always its a story from one side. I always say; find out yourself, then judge...... I some one dislike another person and they tell you they do ; do you also dislike him.... follow your OWN experience and knowledge, listen, find out and make your OWN statement and choices.

  ·  6 years ago (edited)

I follow the Free Range Kids website and we talk a lot about the kids not being free to play anymore here and neighbors calling the police because they see your kid playing in your own front yard. There's a growing lack of freedoms here. Loss of freedom for parents to make their own decisions, loss of freedom for kids to roam their neighborhoods, loss of freedom of speech on college campuses, loss of privacy from the NSA, etc.

I am looking into a number of Latin American countries as places I might end up moving. I'm not rich yet, but I feel an intense need to live by the beach.

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haha mexico

Nice article!

I love Max and Stacy! Even love you too Jeff Berwick!

The price of Silver in the Future will make MEXICO one of the richest Countries in the World.

Why is silver going to explode?

  ·  6 years ago (edited)

Because its true value is hugely manipulated lower, and like gold it has been considered money for thousands of years?

Please check this out to help explain the global situation even more:


But the rabbit hole goes even deeper :) Medical treatment today is so influenced by successful pharmacutical lobbying that it has been adapted to most people as the only real treatment when the health is cracking up.

For most conditions one will be far better of by finding other solutions. It's not easy, and if one are not successful in finding the right solution, one obviously should go for the better alternative than no treatment at all, but never stop searching even if you have an issue that seems unfixable.

The body was buildt from 2 cells, it has done it once, and will do it again if given the right conditions and tools.

Congratulations @dollarvigilante!
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I was born in Iran and traveled to Canada at a very young age. I went back in my 20s and found out that everything I've been told was a lie. The place is amazing if you know what to look for. Mind you, the Islamic laws are not fun, but I could easily see myself retiring at Kish Island and live like a king. My point is that you should definitely find out everything for yourself or you're always going to be in your little safe space.

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well, nice episode. still hate politics lol

Hi Jeff, big shout out from South Africa. Only recently discovered your channel and boy do we love it!! Thank you for all the advice and great sense of humor that you bring to the matter at hand.

no need to run away. stay home.... buy bitcoins lol

State medicine needs to be developed separately in each country and the whole world together! The most important is the life of people!

Good information the USA is in teory the best place for live

Thank @dollarvigilante information
Have been watching and reading your great article here, watching or listening to the full episode here: @fahrullah

this for u @dollarvigilante

Their medical is still better than ours!

I LOVE THIS, partly because I live in Mexico City, and I fled, and I love my life :)

Hii @dollarvigilante For Succses
Nice To meet You

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I'm thinking about finding a place in the world to move that is much more cost effective. You've turned me onto a whole new way of thinking Jeff

Great job!!!

Good post! Left me watch his.

Love it 😍 😁👍🏼🎉🎶💦

You should edit the post to tag @keiserreport which is Max and Stacy's joint account (@maxkeiser is just a fan account)

We've been getting cheap drugs from Mexico for decades because of regulatory capture (you could say the same thing of labor prices), now we're pushing the parent industries south. This has been a long time coming. Politicians have to ask themselves, "if it's shifting to Mexico, are we doing something stupid?"

This is a very interesting story ... I really like it ...

I didn't know Canada's citizens have problem with medical care. never crossed my mind free can be terrible like this.