Road of Rich UNIVERSE Begins. Cosmic Online Remake Confirmation. Added New Blockchain Game! / 100% Burn post!(null)

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From the Road of Rich planning stage, our ROR team wanted to serve a variety of games like Marvel Universe, and we've been prepared to release them to you.

  • Cosmic Online remake is decided.

Cosmic Online is an SF simulation MMORPG game developed based on HTML5.
Cosmic Online has already been serviced in 170 countries, including the Netherlands and Russia. It is a game using the Zip-Lab's own engine that can be played on the web and mobile at the same time.
Team ROR will remake the Cosmic Online and officially service it as a Blockchain Game.
Remakes will include 'Complementation of the Economic System', 'Create Additional Content' and 'Design of Token-Economy.'

Cosmic Online Introduction Video

To make ROR token holder rewards larger

Because the same ROR token is used Cosmic online, ROR's own token economy system is applied as the same, which rewards the Token Holder for 60% and the Game Player 40%.
ROR token holders can earn rewards for both 'Road of Rich' and 'Cosmic Online' games.

Don't worry about the current Road of Rich game users.

The Token Economy for all Road of Rich UNIVERSE games will work independently by each reward-pool.
Cosmic Online's game revenue and Road of Rich game revenue operate independently, minimizing the impact on the reward pool. With more users participating in Road of Rich UNIVERSE, we can expect a higher reward pool.

Was it hard for you to be satisfied with Road of Rich as a clicker game?

So we prepared a COSMIC ONLINE that has the opposite tendency. We've prepared ROR as an unattended game for today's busy daily lives, but COSMIC ONLINE can be played in real-time, so we can eliminate boredom.

Be a Ranker and get RORS token as a reward.

We are preparing various mini-games. The top weekly or daily rankings of each game can be rewarded for the RORS token. Please look forward to various mini-games.
The Road of Rich Universe world will continue to expand in the future.

-Team Road of Rich-
*ROR Token Economy will always change in a better direction

If you are curious about the Roadmap or Token-Economy for our project, please visit the website below.

Start Road of Rich game :
ROR Official Discord channel:
ROR Official Homepage:
ROR Official Kakao talk channel:
Daily Report :
ROR Game community :

Road of Rich Promotion Video

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Can we play Cosmic Online game?
Is it App or web?

Cosmic Online is a mobile playable game.

Easy to play on mobile.

Please, give me app link.
I don't find it in my Play Store.

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Our game does not require a download.
We will prepare to experience the game and the remake has begun.

very good!

Thank you !

Thanks for burning the post rewards!

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