Women & Bitcoin: Media Exposure - Crypto Finally x Block TV

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"Men who are involved in the space please remember, we are not seeing advertisements for cryptocurrency" - @CryptoFinally

New interview with Block TV, we talk about what's holding back women from the crypto space and what it'll take to get them involved.

See full interview:

Full article here:

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I think a lot of women (not all women of course) tend to be most interested in topics that have achieved a level of popularity or are clearly becoming popular. That's my guess on why crypto has not drawn in a lot of women over the years, I think it had to become a bit of a socially significant subject first. There was likely too little appeal while it was just a bunch of geeks dreaming up an economic revolution.

But it is great that women are showing interest because once women like something, guys work very hard to get a lot of it and that creates demand.

Saying all that, I find the phenomenon of the economic dominance in digital assets being cute collectible kittens in an industry mostly consisting of men very strange...

Good interview. I think that there is always a gender identity behind a lot of subjects. Look at sports, gaming, cars and see how the percentages are compared to fashion, influencing and music. While there is more variety in gender compared to years ago people do still tend to fall into the same old categories.

I think it will change as crypo brings out more apps and businesses that are aligned to more female interest compared to where it has started.

Great interview! You are really bringing crypto to the mainstream great work 💯🐒