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I've been curious about how SPS is utilized in the network and after a series of Python script coding sessions, I got some answers.


We have 1.33M accounts created in the blockchain. But the active part is much smaller. According to @penguinpablo's one of the recent report, we have around 33k active users daily.

Between 33k active users, only 1105 accounts actively vote for a proposal.

As the time I write this post, global vesting shares are reported as 408543085012 VESTS. This maps to 206M Steem power.

If we calculate the sum of the total SP of all proposal voters, we get 33.8M SP. That's around %16 participation rate stake-wise.

Big players

These are the top10 influencers on SPS reward pool. Here is a percentage for each of them between all proposal voters:

Results look good, I was actually expecting worse participation considering the SPS is a new feature and most of the frontend tooling arrived not much long ago.

However, to keep the system decentralized, make sure you browse the proposals and use your stake. If you don't like any of these proposals, you can even vote for "return" or "burn" proposals.

steemproposals.comby @dmitrydao is a good interface to check the proposals. While you're at it, make sure you also check my my proposal and vote if you feel, it might be helpful for our community.

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This is a bit concerning seems like the same group of people are pushing all the proposals through. I was hoping this would be and feel more democratic but it seems like or feels like and i could be wrong. It's like tech or dev types voting up proposals but none of the other essential issues that need to be solved on steem like onboarding is getting upvoted. I'm trying to figure out why onboarding is not a more important issue but building applications is. Now i understand the important of applications however these applications none make it any easier to use the steem blockchain. So i'd be interested in your opinions why are they only proposals making it through that build things but don't onboard any new users.

No pie chart.
How much more one can put into a pie chart!

It seems that the "community" cares less and less about the great things that could happen, that's what he gave me to understand, that data.

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Thanks a lot for sharing and mentioning SteemProposals.
I honestly think proposals' voting is kind of similar to witnesses' voting, thus we have to come up with some framework or approach on how to educate people on the importance of these two.


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that's a good question, but I don't know a feasible way to get this data. If only @penguinpablo shares the account names, it might be easy.

I have a list with all the accounts that have cast a vote in the last 24 hours. It is about 32.5k.
You can load it with
file = open("accounts.txt","r")
I hope :D

That might work, I’ll check today. Thanks. :)

Here you go: :-)

All 33,673 active accounts from yesterday (October 22)

Would be nice to know. Im pretty curious how many of those 33k are "real users".

Most blockchains fake transaction volumes and user numbers drastically. We dont do that as far as i know.
Ethereum classic is one that doesnt do it so the number of their users is out on the open. Its only around a couple hundred or less.

My guess is that Steem has by far the most users so maybe compiling them somehow via a verification system would give us a clearer number.

We dont fake anything but we have bots and automated activity (mostly auto-votes) there is no way to differentiate these activities with manual activities.

Well you could potentially verify real users and compile a list.. One part could be done pretty effectively through direct browsing and nomination by a few select people of trust.
The rest via other means.
I know about a 100 real people of the top of my head.

Would this list provide value? Maybe... For marketers etc to know what the size of the community is and what reach they can expect to have.
Could add comparative value vs blockchains like tron that fake id guess 90% of their user numbers.

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