[SUN] Steem's way to De-Fi

in steem •  3 months ago 

Hi, @jayplayco here,


We are getting closer, as you can see we have now Steem getting into the candidates of $SUN Mining Pool community.

You can find the original tweet from Justin here.


We have to remember that this is only a candidate list, and we need more traffic on social media about Steem getting into the $SUN.

If you are also interested in bringing Steem into the $SUN mining pool, please retweet and reply to the tweet above. We are almost there!

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We have developed DeFi products based on Steem and tron,which will be launched soon.

Please inform the community about it :)

Let see when this going to happens. Waiting for updates ..... regarding development of any good things.

I am commenting to show my enthusiasm for getting Steem in the SUN mining pool. Let's go!!