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If you somehow can't make it to this year's edition of SteemFest we got you covered. Of course you miss out on temple trips, numerous socialiser events, the bangkok bonanza, boat trips, bowling and what not. But at least you will manage to check out the conference presentations.

Join in here, on twitch, youtube, twitter and facebook:

Conference Day 1

Conference Day 2

See you next year in real life? Trust me, it's better :)

SteemFest's ticket reductions are made possible by generous donations from:

@peerplays @steemit @blocktrades
@steemmonsters @smooth steem engine
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Thanks for the livestream, this is the new one that's working:-

latest stream -

thx, for this Service
cheers 🤠

thanks to @roelandp, im just sharing the link 😅

Thank you @roadscape for mentioning my small contribution to Communities. I wish I could be there with all of you guys, maybe one day!

i have to say i was super happy to hear what @roadscape had to say. great work tim, felt the love and the passion for the ecosystem.

I like what am seeing too


Wish I was there again this time, but it wasn't feasible. I'll be tuning in for updates. Have a great time everyone who is there.

There is no audio on the live feed at the beginning of the intro session.

Okay I thought it was just me.

At least I was positively brainwashed to be in a "joyous" mood from that pleasant audio loop.

Joyyy, joy joy joy, joy joy joy, joy joy joyy

You didn’t know they were a sponsor?

it's a joyful wash of pleasantness...
why doesn't anybody wanting to stake @ 15c
I'm not for the money here!

I would like to be there. For next year I can't miss! For everyone present ENJOY the Steemfest!

Have fun guys, can't afford this trip but surely gonna watch live streams. :)

question: why there isn't any news about SteemFest (from my Google result)? I thought this is a good opportunity for exposure?

@roelandp has done a fantastic job! very nice. probably the best one I've seen (all remotely) among the past four! ^_^


Good news and better

Steemit is Good platform but In today's world, people only say good things but no one follows them, that's why the world only runs after money.

good party

Wow! It is looking so much fun, guys. I wish I could be there. Maybe next time.

Best of luck all


The video 1 audio is not work, right ? Or only me has that problem

What most of us are missing

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 15/20)

Thanks, enjoy Bangkok!

can i suggest that people use chrome/firefox and while watching the live streams so we can get some social outreach into the live viewer base for tomorrow? cheers. you just clip a profound bit as you watch, those 90 second clips do work (streamers do it for outreach)

I’m sooooo envious of ya’ll right now...wish i could be there :/

Hope all goes great!!!

Looking forward to the live streams 😍
Wish you all a great event.
Greetings from Barcelona

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Fantastic stuff guys, but I really could not see or here Ned that well...

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Thanks so much for the Livestreaming update. I will join as soon as possible even though I have a busy schedule. God bless @steemfest and every member of STEEM community that went there.....🤗🍹🥂📽️

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Thank you very much for this Livestream service! It´s the first Steemfest without me and Im very happy that Im able to watch at least the conferences. See you next year again everyone and have fun in Bangkok Steemfest 4 visitors!

That's awesome guys. I will have to wait until tomorrow to watch. My time zone is not convenient for live viewing.

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thx for livestream

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Great job, as usual, @roelandp! We wish we could be there, enjoy SteemFest!


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Love you steemit

Love that much?

What's wrong with also streaming on 3speak and dtube?

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In case you are unaware - the stream started .. had no audio and is now dead..

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

Live restarted with audio this time

Yea....I hope I'm chanced to meet for real

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Congratulations to us.

But what's wrong with also streaming on 3speak and dtube?

I think we can also share videos on these steem platforms and then pay for adverts elsewhere for people to watch.

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No coverage of the afterparties in Patpong...? 😈

I hope i was there, it's feel so amazing meetup with many community steemian


what great news, congratulations

Wait for me. I'm on my way.

Have fun out there

Thanks for information about The steemfest

@buttcoins presentation is the best!! You have a new follower sir!! You've hit the nail on the head of why i'm still around!

please don't bother me with your annual events....
i've invested a lot of my time & energy to be with your folks....


What an awesome event!

The coverage looks great and so professional!

All the best for Steemfest..

Wowww Enjoy Bangkok

Thanks a bunch for this. Hopefully we'll be there in "real life" next year.

wow it's amazing bangkok tour.thank you..

I missed so much! :(

SF4 with ♥ LOVE

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