Sweden shows the world extended lockdowns were unnecessary.

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Sweden continues to prove that extended lockdowns have been an unncecessary and catastrophically stupid policy. One might think that other nations and states would learn from this and adjust course accordingly, but... nope!

Mainstream media outlets continue with their disingenuous fear mongering, and most other governments continue clinging to the authoritarian measures they've imposed on their citizens in service to globalist plutocrats.

When will people learn to stop listening to mainstream media, stop supporting politicians who serve the globalist plutocracy, and stop accepting authoritarian governance which favors psycho-supremacist ruling elites?

From the article:

"A cause for unalloyed joy, you might think. Here, after all, is proof that a country can contain the coronavirus without depriving children of an education, piling up backlogs of non-coronavirus medical conditions, or leaving a smoking crater where its economy used to be.

"But the rest of the world is far from pleased. Indeed, the tone of most foreign media coverage remains affronted, and you can see why. After all, if Sweden’s strategy was viable, the rest of us ruined ourselves for nothing. That is a disquieting thought, almost an unbearable one. But Sweden forces us to confront it.

"Stockholm’s streets are filled with relaxed people congregating in cafés without face masks. You and I might find those images uplifting, but to the epidemiologists and officials who staked everything on closing their economies, Sweden is the specter at the feast. There it sits, like Banquo’s ghost, silently rebuking them.

"The point is not that lockdowns achieved nothing at all. Obviously, if you confine an entire population, you will slow the spread of COVID-19 (and, indeed, of other diseases transmitted by human contact). The point, rather, is that lockdowns were disproportionate and were maintained for far too long."

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