Vapa Pitha : Winter's best Pitha

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Hello everybody. How are you all? Winter is already come in our country. Winter means a lot of pitha. Vapa Pitha is one of the most tasty pitha in this winter season. So i am here to perticipate takeaway contest, and my todays takeaway is vapa pitha.
This pitha is very popular in bangladesh. Few years ago this types of pitha was found only in village. When we go to village, our grandmother or mother made this types of pitha. But now a days this types of pitha is available in any city. This pitha is made by the heat of boiled water.
Rice need to make blend inside the blender. Then inside rice gave patary(one type of sweet). Then it kept top of the pot and boiled water heat given to make this vapa pitha. Taste of this pitha is really very tasty.
This is the shop where this pitha is made. It is a small shop, but it have a number of customer who alaways go there and take pitha from this shop and go home.
I took 6 piece pitha from this shop, then he gave it in this packet, and then i takeaway it to my home. Me with my family eat this tasty pitha.. price is also very low, so any types, any classes people eat it everyday..

Restaurant Information

Mojnu Mamar Pithaghor
Chaktai, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Vapa Pitha : Winter's best Pitha
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