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I guess things will slow down a bit until everyone starts to post about their SteemFest experience.

Great initiative boss

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  ·  8 months ago 

@tipu curate

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I'm sharing all the posts to my other social media with direct following of more than 20k and viewers over 50k a week, including twitter, facebook pages and groups, quora, and reddit, even brought a couple of new active users here to get one of them downvoted by a group of whales because they mistaken him with someone else, but they didn't reverse the downvote! One of them later said he downvoted the comment because it was on an old video on 3Speak.. Why keeping the comments section open for older videos or why keeping older videos available if you attack those writing comments on it.
However, I'm continuing promoting the platforms, even with the new trend of users with no contribution at all no posts or nothing new in the past few months coming from nowhere and downvoting new posts, I've seen that as well several times.



I believe in everything especially in the early days there is a small group of beneficiary that will have un upper hand. It is like this in everything...

Those ETH ”GAS” fees are so high. Every time I get involved in ETH I get turned away because of it.

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They are and they will really hurt Gods Unchained.