Post Promoter JavaScript Voting Bot - Updates over the past month

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I can't believe it's been a month since my last contribution post about updates to the Post Promoter voting bot software! There have been a lot of updates and new features added in that time and I've been so busy that it's hard to find time to post about them. But I have some time tonight, so get comfortable because it's going to be a long one!

Backup Mode

Anyone who has run any important software services knows you should always run a backup. All of the top Steem witnesses have backup servers (at least I hope...) and the same should be true of the big voting bots.

So to that end I have added a new setting in the config.json file called "backup_mode". If this is set to true then the bot software will run and follow the account history and keep track of accepted bids and all of that, but it will not actually broadcast any transactions. That means it won't vote, it won't refund, it won't comment, etc.

The point of this, as the setting name implies, is to allow bot owners to run a backup version of their bot if they wish. This way if the main bot server goes down for any reason, you can just switch the backup server out of backup mode and it takes over right where the original server left off.

Resteem Option

Some bot owners requested that their bots automatically resteem posts that have a bid over a specified amount. I have added the following setting to support that:

"min_resteem": 2, // If a bid is sent for this amount or more then the bot will resteem the post

In the example above any bids that come in for 2 SBD/STEEM or more, the bot will automatically resteem those posts.

Bid and Delegation Confirmation Messages

It is now possible to have the bot respond with a 0.001 SBD/STEEM transfer memo to let the sender of a bid know that the bid was processed and accepted by the bot. Additionally bots that pay out earnings to delegators can be set to respond with a 0.001 SBD transfer memo when a new delegation comes in to let the delegator know their delegation was accepted and processed and that they will start receiving payouts in the next withdrawal period.

You can set one or both of these by adding the following properties to the "transfer_memos" object in the config.json file:

"transfer_memos": {
  "bid_confirmation": "Your bid is confirmed. You will receive your vote when the bot reaches 100% voting power. Thank you!",
  "delegation": "Thank you for your delegation of {tag} SP! You will start to receive payouts after the next withdrawal."

Auto withdraw liquid STEEM post rewards

There is a setting called "post_rewards_withdrawal_account" in which you can specify an account to automatically send any liquid post rewards to. So if the bot owner makes some posts from the bot account or people upvote the bot's comments, then when those rewards are paid out the liquid, non-SP portion of the rewards can be automatically transferred out so they don't get included in the auto-withdrawal of the bot's earnings.

When I initially implemented the feature I assumed that liquid post payouts were always in SBD, but I didn't consider that if the debt ratio went over 2% - as it has just done recently - that liquid STEEM rewards would be paid out as well.

So now the bot software has been updated to withdraw liquid STEEM rewards as well as SBD to the "post_rewards_withdrawal_account" if one is specified.

Ability to set a beneficiary for SP in the bot account

When the software is set to pay to delegators, it splits the specified portion of the payouts among the delegators based on the amount of SP they have each delegated, but it didn't take into account any SP directly in the bot account. So if the bot account had any SP in it that wasn't delegated out somewhere else, then the earnings attributable to that SP would be split up among the other delegators.

Now you can specify a beneficiary account who should receive the payout for the SP in the bot account by using the "overrides" property in the "$delegators" account object in the "auto_withdrawal" section of the config file:

"accounts": [
        "name": "$delegators",
        "stake": 8000,
        "overrides": [
          { "name": "bot_account_name", "beneficiary": "beneficiary_account" }

In the example above, the name of the bot account is specified as an override which tells the software to pay out the specified portion of earnings based on the SP in the bot account to the account listed as the beneficiary. This way bot owners can now get their share of the payout for the SP in the bot account and don't have to constantly power it down or delegate it out.

Thanks for your support!

There's been a few more updates, but it's getting late here and this post is already quite long enough, so I'll leave those for next time! If you're curious you can always check the list of commits on the GitHub repo. As always I want to also thank everyone who has helped and supported me in creating this software. Please stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks!

Links to relevant commits:

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.


Hey @ms10398, I just gave you a tip for your hard work on moderation. Upvote this comment to support the utopian moderators and increase your future rewards!

You've made it so easy for people to start their own bidding bots. First they can list on your Tracker themselves, and now there is an alternate bot program!

I think this is great for minnows to have more promotion options, as long as all bot owners are reviewing content periodically and blacklisting spammers.

Hi @yabapmatt! I'm using your awesome delegation tool:

I've got one suggestion - the update function could remember how much I've already delegated, so:
If I have 5 SP delegated
I choose to upgrade delegation by 2
The total delegation would be 7

The only problem is when I want to delegate less. Maybe split the "update" function to "add", "lower" and "undelegate"?

Hi @cardboard - the "update" option should pre-fill the amount already delegated so then you can update it to the new amount you want to delegate. I agree it still could use to be more clear though. I plan to at least add a confirmation message if delegating less to make sure the user really intends to decrease their overall delegation.

Let me know if that would cover your use case or not.

dear @yabapmatt. how to delegate power to your post promoter bot? or just delegate the SP i want, and the reward u will automatically calculate for it?

Yes you can just delegate however much SP you want and the bot will automatically pick it up and send you the proper payouts based on the amount you have delegated.

You can use this tool: or any other tool you would like to send the delegation. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

THanks. i think you need to mention how to delegated your post promoter to get bigger. or ease to use. because i have google but don't know how.

i also vote u as witness for great tools.

Aye, this makes sense, I've noticed one thing though:
Let's say you have 10 SP
You have delegated 5 SP to user X
You want to delegate 2 more to user X so you need to delegate 7 SP
You can't because the website tell you you have only 5 SP left (so you can't delegate to 7 SP to user X)

Basically the website does not take into account that I have already delegated 5 SP to user X and I need 2 SP to delegate 7 SP total. Hope it's understandable, lol :)

No it should take into account what you have already delegated when calculating how much more you can delegate. I do this all the time. If you are finding that it’s not working please send me a screenshot so I can take a look.

Who owns dolphinbot?
I sent it 0.05 STEEM, did not get a vote and did not get refunded.
This reminds me to suggest you a new feature to steembottracker: ownership.
It will increase transparency and responsibility and maybe responsiveness too.

You got upvoted from @adriatik bot! Thank you to you for using our service. We really hope this will hope to promote your quality content!

You got a 23.04% upvote from @luckyvotes courtesy of @stimialiti!

Hi guys, Thanks for your hard work.
I was recently testing different kinds of boosters, and I'm curious what's the highest bid that I can send to you to get at least 195% boost? (Of course, for a very good post, which took time to prepare and write).

Hello ... I just made my first bid ever on a bid bot, using your page to guide me. I went with @promobot. Your site indicates that they give a refund on ineligible bits. I goofed ... the bot does not accept bids on posts unless they 25 minutes old. This is not readily apparent on your page. I received at 'refund' of 0.001 SBD. My bid was 1 SBD ... that is not a refund. Please advise.

Update ... I received the upvote with the next round. The issue was resolved:)

Update ... I received the upvote with the next round. The issue was resolved:)

Hey - yes I just recently added a new feature (as yet unannounced) where if a post is too new instead of refunding the bid it will just add it to the next bidding round. I think the bots will just need to update the 0.001 transfer memo message to indicate that's what happened.

Yes ... that is how it worked out ... the current memo system is a little alarming.

hey i cant use the bot tracker because steemconnect is malfunctioning on google chrome. then when i navigate to the bot tracker site on explorer it is showing me a shorter list of bots than on google chrome.

is this a normal issue? if so how can i troubleshoot?

Please check the vote value slider on both browsers. It's likely it's set higher on one than the other which is why you're seeing fewer bots listed.

Hi, you have an excellent service of But, you need to make a warning that some of the bid bots do not return erroneous bets. Bid from blacklisted / flagged user by @steemcleaners sent as a donation. These include bid bots, such as: lost-ninja, canalcrypto, and others. Accepting bets on them looks like a fraud.

Hi @screened - in general I agree with you that bids from blacklisted users should be refunded, and the @postpromoter which I run does that, however I know most of the other bot owners do not agree with me and do not do that.

I am working on adding a new feature to the bot tracker website which will allow the bid-based voting bots to publish their rules or terms of service where they can make all of this information regarding how they handle blacklists available to everyone that uses their service.

Hopefully that will help with these issues in the future.

It will be fine if you make a blacklist, where everyone could add bots that they do not want to use. For example those scammers that I listed.

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great job.gif

Cool friends

This has been very informative. I have been working a lot more with bots recently through your site and am loving the results! These new updates are going to make that interface so much smoother.

Great service my friend
You really help in understand the bots better..
Is postpromoter your own bot service?

Yes, @postpromoter is my own bot running on the Post Promoter voting bot software.

Awesome man
You rock :)

I used the bot tracker around an hour ago and bid for an upvote from @jerrybanfield, I bid 1 SBD but I didn't get an there anything I can do about this?

It seems like the bot missed your bid, I will make sure you get a refund asap. Very sorry about that. Unfortunately errors do happen from time to time and I work to try to fix them and make good with anyone who was affected.

Thank you so much...really appreciate it..

Nice service..answer man..
Thanks for sharing..

These were missing in postpromoter .now i understand that why these bots send 0.001 sbd back....there is so much to learn....

Every day the owners of bot work more calm with your progress and new developments, you are doing a great job friend.

Great initial commits. Might consider .gitignore-ing node_modules and sprinkling in some ES2015 love. Starred the project. I like where you are going

Really so useful for me... Thanks so much

Hello @yabapmatt! Great job with postpromoter, I am glad to see continuous improvements to the software. I am a small bot owner, and I want to upgrade to this new version. I saw a new field, "max_roi".

This seems like a very important new feature, I wish you would have documented it here. This means that bots will now not vote with vote full power every round if the ROI is too high, am I correct? This is a big change in how bots operate, especially smaller ones that can have sometimes very profitable rounds. Will this be reflected in steembottracker as well, it would go along nicely with the ROI limit now.

Yes it is a good feature, but I haven’t fully tested it or included it in the bot tracker site yet so that’s why I didn’t include it here. I will post about it when I’m confident it is tested and working correctly but you’re welcome to try it out and report any issues in the mean time.

I will test it! It is indeed a good feature, as smaller bots are getting slaughtered in some rounds, with ROIs of 100%+. I will set an ROI limit of 30% and see how it goes.

I tried it with some different percentages, settled on 10%. I will contact you on Discord if I observe any bugs

Hey! You have the icon of "This bot does not comment" on steem bot tracker! BUT IT DOES COMMENT!!! boos8.gif

Which bot are you talking about? The @postpromoter bot does not have the no comment icon.


Hey @yabapmatt I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • WOW WOW WOW People loved what you did here. GREAT JOB!
  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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Nice words. I admire how you always post very positive things. I salute you! @yabapmatt

Steembottracker is awrsome, lot of details about the bots it provides..
Everything is so easy to understand there

The option for resteem is a very good idea!! Thanks for your good work!!

@yabapmatt veo que haces un gran trabajo :), te apoyo por el gran esfuerzo por mejorar dia a dia estas herramientas

Are you witnes yabapmatt??

I have seen @utopian post and became his followers. Thank you for your contribution @utopian witnes
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Nice service..answer man..
Thanks for sharing..

Wonderful share, Mastery of IT is perfect. May be useful for those who want to try the bot account.

Hi @yabapmatt I was currently setting up a version of your bot and got it running fully! I was just having a couple problems with the steem bot tracker and getting it listed... Any advise? I was using visual studio code to run it and could not get the ssl certificate working. Any help would be amazing, thanks again!

Hi @yabapmatt. Thanks so much for the valuable contributions you have made on the Steem platform. I have been getting a lot of people to sign up on Steemit and they have a lot of questions on how to use Steembottracker. So i decided to make this graphic tutorial for them. Here is the link to the post if you can contribute more to it.

Thanks once more.

Hello friend excellent post and what good service is provided, I began to continue to like your publication happy evening greetings

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@yabapmatt , if we pay a bot for an upvote which does not even register and we dont get a refund (when the bot says it will refund invalid bids) who do refer this matter to?

Backup service for a bot amazing... This is where we get best ideas about bots. Keep blogging regularly but.

postpromoter bot service is very good
i am useing postpromrter always becoz is better bot
good luck my dear friend @yabapmatt
all the best for you

Your bot is running very good giving good benefit.

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steady @yabapmatt

you are a great person.

continue @yabapmatt

Thanks a lot for all that you do @yabapmatt. You have blessed us all with the website steembottracker ...
I say thanks to @bid-bot. ..
Setting to limit the number of bids in each round

and it's really great for anyone using a voting bot! of all the criticisms about the bot, this is the largest, that they not limit when ROI is overflowing ... I don't use it b/c it, but your updates is a game-changer ... !! ! Very wonderful
Thanks for this @yabapmatt

Your platform, steembottracker, has helped me so much. I'm a newcomer to the steemit and is still a small fish, this way I can reinvest get that I have made to make more income. I would like to say thank you on behalf of the community of Steemit to create a useful tool. I am now on my journey to become Pope. I obviously have a long road ahead of me, but your software will help me get there!
I am glad you are in this party @yabapmatt

Thanks for creating such a great bot and for all that you do for the Steemit community. SteemBotTracker is an amazing tool!


Good job........

Nice post.....

Nice to see @cryptoempire's father improving :D