Steem Bot Tracker - UI Improvements, Favorites, and more!

in utopian-io •  4 years ago  (edited)

Hey everyone - I'm back with the second update to the Steem Bot Tracker Website this week! Crazy right? Well, the last update was mostly a behind-the-scenes change, and I mentioned that some new cool user-facing features were coming soon. So here they are, I hope you like them!

Moved STEEM/SBD prices to the header

I moved the current STEEM and SBD prices to the fixed header of the page as you can see in the image below. This way they will always be visible no matter where you've scrolled on the page. I've also set them to show in green if the price is up over the last 24 hours and red if it's down. Let's hope we start seeing more green!


Additionally, it was pointed out to me that the red message box (the one with the important update about the fact that SBD prices are no longer near the intended $1 USD peg) where the prices used to be has a close button that doesn't work! My apologies about that - it works now, and you can feel free to get rid of it assuming you understand that values shown on and other Steem front-end sites do not represent the actual USD value of the payout.

New "Actions" drop down for bid-based voting bots

The amount of columns in the bid-based voting bot table has been growing and growing and I needed to find a nice way to consolidate some things to make room for all the new things I would like to add. Most of you have probably already noticed that instead of separate buttons for "details" and "send bid" they have been grouped into a new "Actions" drop down and a few new items have been added in there as well!


Before you say it - I know that it now takes two clicks to see the details instead of one! I have some ideas to change that in the near future, but for now you'll have to hit the gym and exercise your left-clicking finger a bit.

New Favorite and Hide Options

By now you've probably also noticed that there are some new things in the "Actions" drop down - Favorite, and Hide.

If you "hide" a bot it will completely remove it from the list so you never have to look at it's ugly face again! Hid a bot by accident? Don't worry - you'll see a message at the bottom of the bid-based voting bots table which will tell you how many bots have been hidden and give you an option to un-hide them.

Even better, though, you now have the ability to set certain bots as your "favorites". Favorited bots will always show at the top of the list, with a little separation between them and the rest of the pack.


Favorited bots will always show regardless of the filters you have set. That means that if you only want to see bots with a $100+ vote value, except for one smaller bot that you really like - you can favorite that smaller bot and it will show at the top of the list even though it's vote value is less than what you have set on the vote value slider.

Added minimum post age setting

You may have noticed in the above image (if you weren't too distracted by the awesomeness of the "favorites" feature) that what used to be the "Max Age" column has become the "Min / Max Age" column! Thanks to this columnal metamorphosis (I'm pretty sure that's a thing...) you can now see what the minimum age of a post is for which each bot will accept a bid.

The minimum age calculation will also include the time remaining until the bot's next round of voting begins, so that means if a bot only accepts posts created more than 20 minutes ago, you can still submit a bid for a post immediately after it's posted as long as it will be more than 20 minutes until the bot's next round of voting starts.

New setting for bot Rules / Terms of Service

Last, but not least, I have added a new setting to the Bot Owner Config tool where bot owners can specify a link to the rules / terms of service for their bot.


If a rules/ToS URL is specified in the bot configuration settings, then a "Terms of Service" item will show in the "Actions" drop down for that bot in the bid-based voting bot list. Users can click on that to open the specified URL and read the rules/terms of service for that bot if they so choose before deciding whether or not to send in a bid.

Thanks for your support!

As always I want to thank everyone who has helped and supported me in creating this tool. I love that it has been able to help so many people learn about and use vote selling services to promote their content and grow their following and earnings on the Steem platform. If you have a suggestion or feature request I encourage you to submit an issue on the GitHub repo for the project. Please stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks!

Links to relevant commits:

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

Hey yabapmatt it seems that the send bid next step is not functional... The small window to put bid and post remains blank with no text boxes

Yes, you are right! That should now be fixed, thank you for bringing it to my attention!


That is a great QoL improvement since the bot tracker is beggining to really have a lot of listings when you only use the same 6 or 7.

Favoriting some bots like the most profitable ones as well as my own, and yours of course, while hiding those who don't limit overbidding really hasten the search.

Thanks Matt!

thank you so much! i have so much thanks for your offerings on the blockchain, especially this one!! you've really revolutionized the posters usage of bid bots and made it a safer way for us to sometimes boost our posts. thanks!! really appreciate you.

Sweet updated UI @yabapmatt! Seeing the Steem/SBD prices in the header was awesome! And loving the Favorites option, but I was having some trouble getting the steemconnect to pop up to work, but I remembered that I turned off the notifications, but I didn't think that would block steemconnect. Then when I allowed for Steem Bot Tracker notifications I was able to use it again.

Does Steemconnect not work unless we allow for the notifications? Also, is there an app coming out soon? Havin' a little trouble seeing some of the new dropdown menus using a browser on a smartphone (when I cant use a Desktop).

Great update, I'm loving the favorite and hide feature.

did not know Steem Bot Tracker was you. cool it works very well a have just used it to and delegation to CryptoEmpire but still. :) am very new to bots but it make it easy to get a overview and its a jungle out there.

The UI looks awesome and I personally think the extra click for the "details" tab is fine considering there is no more pop-up box when you first visit the website. I also like that now people will know that my bot doesn't allow posts less than 20 minutes old. Now to put together a TOS for my bot.

Thanks for all the updates Matt. You rock!

Back my 30 sbd @postpromoter you upvote my link and 1 hour ago you back your upvote

It was brought to my attention that the post in question contained plagiarized content. Your bid has been refunded because I don't believe in stealing. Additionally you have been blacklisted from using the @postpromoter bot in the future.

If you believe that the post content was not plagiarized you can contact me on Steem.Chat or discord to discuss.

hi @yabapmatt i send to @minnowhelper 2 sbd and you upvote my post with 1.4 sbd is this normal ? so please to return the difference or i will complain about your bot so please to explain.
you know how much time i spend to win 2 sbd??

Hello @yabapmatt,

I'm sorry to bother you again, but you've only returned one part of my SDB. I had voted twice for the article with 16 SDB and total I give 32 SDB. The same mistake have made and several other users to vote twice for they articles, and the both are counted and are reported as paid. Should I expect the other half? Thank you. :)

My apologies, I used an automated script to do the refunds and it didn't correctly account for multiple bids on the same post. I have just sent you the rest of the refund amount. Please let me know if there is anything else you need.

Thank you very much! Everything is correct now! I really appreciate what you did.

I wish you a nice day. :)

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Hello, @yabapmatt, I have pay two times with 16 SBD and the @postpromoter bot don't give back the upvote and now I am loss with 32 SBD... I think there is some bug and the bot not report when someone has put money in him and there was zero people in the list for upvote .... with @upme bot is the same story... Can you refund me please somehow the SBD's....

Hi, yes there was an issue and I will go through and send refunds for all missed votes later today.

Probs with the server not bot.

Okey, but do you know how can I take my SBD's back?

he is probably sleeping when he gets back on he will refund you.

Hi @yabapmatt I have a missed upvote yesterday. Can you please look into this matter. I appreciate your cooperation. Regards, @steemero

Minimum post age setting display was a must have, some bot are more fair than others. Thanks you to implement that :)

Morning @yabapmatt thanks for this great service.

I notice that @pushup is missing votes and not refunding. Bringing it to your attention in case you want to remove it from the tracker page until it's fully functioning.

What do you think of adding a "contact" option for each of the bot owners so that they can publish the best way to contact them? Something like an option in the drop down on the right where you send bid.


perhaps my suggestion will not bring anything new into the picture, but I would like to suggest that if someone is placing a bid on a bot with <0% ROI then it would be very helpful to show a message asking to confirm that bid and explaining that ROI is negative.

many beginners seem to be losing their SBD because they do not really understand how this bots do function. it's not that easy for everyone.

what do you think?


Wow, interesting idea. I think the bids some in so fast people might not know they are underwater.

Great update!

How does one get their bot on the list?

I too would like to get a detailed guide on how to set up a bot on your website! I have never learnt Java but I'm currently learning Python. Do we need to know Java to set up a bot or can we set one up by simply setting some parameters via the steembottracker website?

Does this page set up a bot for you or is it used to alter existing bots? Thanks!

You can find the bot program here with instructions. After two days of learning and frustration I have mine all set up and running with ssl, I would just like to get it on the list.

Thank you so much! I'll have a look at this once I'm on holidays!

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Great improvements as always @yabapmatt. Always tough typing your username. I really wanted to find out if the ROI limit is actually hard coded in the bots? Does this mean that the bot does not allow bids past the selected ROI?

Thank you for this great app. It is my favorite.

I can answer that :) It is a bot setting, or "hardcoded" as you say. At the moment, if a bot is running the latest version of postpromoter and someone bids over the ROI limit, then the bid will simply go to the next round.

I appreciate the reply. That seems likea great solution to crazy bids.

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Moving steem and SBD prices at the header is awesome. This way it will always display the price irrespective of the page you are on. And the actions bar for voting bots, steem bot tracker looks flexible now. Great updates though, you are a star. Thank you sir @yabapmatt

My bid history hasn't been loading here recently. Is this a common issue, or is it just me?

your article is very interesting, but sorry I just joined, so I do not understand.
I can only say, success always and remain the best @yabapmatt

Sir I have sent 53.146 sbd to minnowhelper...I have mistaken today..plz back my sbd

Hi @wasimk87, I don't own or run minnowhelper so I cannot send back your funds. You will need to contact them directly.

How I can contact them directly please help me?

Thank you so much. I love what you're doing here. I just started using it and it's awesome. I had a small feature suggestion if I may. Is it possible to (one day, maybe) include a reporting missed vote or problem section? Perhaps it could sit as a database as part of the site. I noticed a really big issue when missing votes or when a bot isn't voting 100% that reporting an issue means tracking down a bot, finding its page, finding a post (if it has one) and leaving a message (with no guarantee its owner will get back to you.)

It would be a MASSIVE help to the community if there was a simpler way to report a problem with a bot. Even 1 single basic "form" would do.

I think it would be better on (a) Steem Bot Tracker (b) the blockchain (c) PUBLIC --- because it being public is pressure for the bot owner to fix it- or other USERS can see when a bot is not performing well.

It would probably help the bot owners deal with problem tickets easier.

Just a feature wish!

Thanks again, this tool is really awesome.

good features added!
the way you keep improving steem bot tracker
is appreciable
it really help us to make some reasonable bids

thank you for your offer on blockchain, especially this one! to improve the post through the bot you offer, Steem Bot Tracker has worked well I am happy, but why is the windows desktop still closed? thanks for the useful update for me today @yabapmatt

lucky steet bot tracker is you, i will try and how SBD or STEEM should be sent to get vote in improve my post @yabapmatt

Good post. It helps us to know latest details. Thanks

Hey @yabapmatt sorry for this "out of context" but you are the only one who
@EstaBond follows.. do you know him? (the owner of the bot)
I've made a post to him..
I think there was a bug with the bot.. thanks!

It doesn't look to me like there is any bug - there was a vote on that post from @estabond so it was unable to vote for it again and it refunded you your bid. Maybe @estabond liked your post and voted on it manually or maybe someone else paid for a vote on your post, i don't know, but the bot seems to be working as intended.

Hum.. I send it .300sbd he vote (yesterday), today he refund me .300sbd. Not normal I guess

Oh i see, i thought you got the refund right away - either way you got your money back and a vote so don't look a gift horse in the mouth as they say :-)

Yep.. I just want to give him the .300sbd he refund me.

yesterday when I tried to submit a bid the little pop up for steemconnect came up but then I had to click to go to another tab to use steemconnect, is that how it works now or was it just me?

Can you try again and see if it is working correctly now or not? If you're still having issues if you can take a screenshot or video of the problem that would be really helpful!

just sent a bid and it's not doing it anymore, thank you!

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Great new features. I like the favorite bot option.

Hello @yabapmatt, I have experienced something bizarre with the steembottracker; I made this bid this morning, and @booster did not make the payment I expected. Have you any explanation for this situation? Sorry to trouble you. Thanks, @kathleenscarborobooster.jpg

Hi @kathleenscarboro - that is clearly a bug with the site which is not reporting the last round correctly, the bot would never give that high a return. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I will check on why that happened and try to get it fixed.

Thank you @yabapmatt.

Hello @yabapmatt, were you able to elucidate what happened with booster? I do not understand why I got no explanation from them after I wrote to them. They gave me a 4.5% upvote rather than the 53.99% upvote which should be the consequence if only 3 of us actually bid on that round.

It was a bug with the bot tracker site, not with the booster bot. There were definitely more than 3 people that bid on that round but the site didn’t pick them up for some reason.

I sincerely apologize for the issue, and I believe it has been fixed now that you brought it to my attention. I will send you your 3 SBD back out of my own pocket as a way of apologizing.

I do my best to track everything accurately but there are always bugs and problems from time to time. In general it’s highly unlikely that you would ever get a $71 vote for a 3 SBD bid, so if you see something like that it’s most likely incorrect.

Thank you @yabapmatt; yes I contacted you because it looked weird and I needed an explanation. We do not live in a perfect world.

Se ve muy interesante, felicitaciones, intentaré usarlo, aunque no he usado nunca bot pero lo he tenido en mente... veo que tu programa es en inglés. Tendrá la opción para usarlo en español?

Hey @yabapmatt I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • WOW WOW WOW People loved what you did here. GREAT JOB!
  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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I sent two bids to upmewhale and minnowvotes using steembottracker, but is seems they didn't recieved, details windows didn't show my bid in current round and neither in last round, and I didn't recieved upvotes, it seems I lost 0.6 sbd, can You explain what is appening?

It looks like you received the votes you paid for in both cases...

Yes, I recieved on the next round, anyway not much as expected; time counter doesn't work well I think, it changes suddendly and the total bid amount is not correct, I saw I was only the second bidding on the round, so the expected ROI was high, but I recieved less than my bid; if it was working right I'll nevver bid, please check and fix it if there is someting broken

Hello @yabapmatt, Thank you for providing this service and the changes make life much easier! Great work.

One question, I am not able to see anything in my "bid history" window. Is that a common issue or is it my browser to blame?

Thank you again!

Looks like that isn't working, thanks for bringing it to my attention! I will get it fixed asap.

It looks like you are the owner of @emperorofnaps, is that correct?
Because I have a question about that bot.

I host/run it but I am not the owner of the account. Feel free to contact me on or Discord and let me know your question.

ehm, sorry but something is wrong maybe... because i just see blankscreen if i wish to bid a bot... and if i push bidhistory so nothing appears

thank you so much! i have so much thanks for your offerings on the blockchain, especially this one!!

Wow this is cool! Nice feature!👍 good job sir!

The number of the reputation of the bot would be nice.

Beautiful improvements are really well designed You are a wonderful designer
I wish you all the happiness

Great updates, thank you! You also need to add a feature to delist bots from your awsome site. I've sent bid today to @edensgarden and gote no upvote, no refund. I've left a comment for the bot, but I don't think I will get an answer - I've saw alot of such comments for this bot. So we need a way to report scam bots to warn other people.

Thank you for your support! I do my best to remove any bots from the site who are not acting responsibly. I asked @edensgarden to contact me regarding the large number of missed, non-refunded bids and if I do not hear from the owner soon it will be removed from the site.

To my opinion it would be best to remove scammers like @allaz from the website. What do you think?

The appearance looks much better and it is becoming user friendly now... Keep the updates coming its a great job... New features are great i would say.

wow,i like your updates just need something that negative rolling should be limited for every should put a limit for negative rolling after reaching that limit bot could not accept more bit for this role.

Great Article, still waiting for my bot to be added .. is there anything special i could do to keep track on the time of approval of the bot ?

Thanks for the updates! I love the “favorites” option. Streamlines the whole process.


hi @yabapmatt,,thanks to you that you make steembotracker,,i always using steembotracker us my sight for all bot,,i always looking forward...

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Something is going on today with the bots for some reason, since a few hours ago the bots don't vote anymore. Have a look at the site, you can see quite a lot of bots now at the top with the counter gone out and if you check their profiles they haven't actually voted anymore since about 4 or 5 hours now.

Yes, there was an issue which now appears to be resolved. I will go through and refund any missed votes from the postpromoter bot.

Right on thank you! I was affected by mercurybot, I'm sure others were too. Thanks for your work!

Hiii @yabapmatt, Sir I sent 2 bids of (3+3) SBD to @upme. Now about 7 Hours passed but i could not received any Vote or Refund. Plz check the status and resolve the issue as it is under your Steembottracker. Thanks.

Some bids are failed due to RPC errors. As @yabapmatt say contact me to resolve the refund.

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Hiii Respected @suggeelson, Now about 24 plus hours past i send two bids amounting (3.000+3.001)SBD but i did not recieved any upvote or refund from @upme so plz Solve this issue, i shall be obliged. Thanks.
Here is proof plz check it,


There was an issue with many of the bots earlier. @upme is run by @suggeelson so you can contact him about that.

Are you in charge of @postpromoter? I think it lagged out on a window and skipped some votes.

Hello sir @yabapmatt me send 5 sbd today postpromter bot bid did not got upvote from bot please give me his contact so that i can get refund post

Hi, yes there was an issue and I will go through and send refunds for all missed votes later today.

Ok Thnks you sir yabamatt

@yabapmatt there was problem in @upme bot i bid 6 SBd but did not got upvote from bot please give me his contact so that i can get refund post link

There was an issue with many of the bots earlier. @upme is run by @suggeelson so you can contact him about that.

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Hi i sent 5 SBD about 6 hours ago and have still not receive a vote or a refund from postpromoter on my below post.

Pls look into this matter. Here is the screen shot proof.

Hi, yes there was an issue and I will go through and send refunds for all missed votes later today.

Deleted my comment since I saw this.
Is it possible to just get a straight refund?
I'd much rather find my own window to bid on rather than just get dropped in one.

All missed votes should now be refunded. Sorry about that!

Wasn't directly your fault...steemit got wonky.
Thanks for taking care of it.

I should have found your work before :) While I was inventing the wheel you were building Tesla cars...
Great work.

I sent 4 SBD to @postpromoter today and It neither voted nor refund. Is there a problem ?

All missed votes should now be refunded. Sorry about that!

I sent 30sbd.
He'll get it sorted just be patient.

Send a bid yesterday but never got a vote...

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.22.59 AM.png

All missed votes should now be refunded.

This is an amazing tool , Matt! I'm just getting started using it.

I have no idea what's in your dev queue but here's a suggestion: You have information on the Last Round in the Details overlay. The parameter I find most useful there is ROI as this can be telling information for bidding at the last minute. While I understand that you can have only so many columns, Last ROI gets my vote.

Another useful way to display ROI data would be a chart or list over time (outside of current UI) if you store the data.
Love this #Details #sand bid and 💜favorite and #hide option.

Thanks again! You got my vote for witness.
Resteem this post.Love you man!

I really found steem bot tracker a very very useful tools to get desired information about the bots. You have done a really very good thing. In other bots section, information regarding maximum and minimum bid is not specified. Also in vote calculator, it calculates any possible bid amount which can be send as a bid but bots have maximum and minimum bid limits. Hence, I think it should not take any amount which falls outside of admissible bid amount.
@yabapmatt Thank you very much for making such a nice tool.

Awesome new UI man. Worked like a charm when I just put in some bids.

Love the drop down and favorites addition. Great stuff all around :)

Hello and welcome to Steemit. I'm still a beginner, I follow you and I hope you too will follow me.
Nice to meet you

Nice update thanks

Thank you thank you thank you!!! This not so little piece of the steemit puzzle is one of my favorite. It keeps everything completely transparent, and in any system that can be abused transparency is our super power!. You're a boss, and I appreciate your work :)

A lot better post.thank you steem bot

I'm just beginner I just want to know how it works thank you for your answer

You got your vote. The bot votes approximately once every 2.4 hours so you just need to be a little bit patient. You can always check to see the next time the bot will vote.

thanks a lot for answer but it s more than 24h .
i write because is my first time use this bot and i wana just verification i want to use the bot in other post
the memo is

The bot has already voted on your post. Check the list of voters, postpromoter is the top one.

just two vote the other vote is old from minnowbooster
when i send 4 SBD i have 8 UPVOTE already with more than 7.5$
thanks for answer and support

Steem prices are not visible on mobile view, can you make this little update

Really fantastic work here @yabapmatt, the UI is looking cleaner now, I like the changes.

The SBTracker takes so much of the complexity out of using bid bots, I don’t know what I’d do without it!

Thank you very much

dear yabapmatt, i used your opensource code and make my one of robot. i want to make appear on your steembottracker website. how can i continue to do it.

@yabapmatt its possible to delegate my steem power to your postpromoter, for some interest? I will go to holiday...

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